Reframing The Current Financial Crisis – Will You Get Swept Away In The Storm

The World Is Going To End?

When you are bombarded with information scaring you into believing the world is going to end, are you going to accept it blindly?, do you ever question It’s source ?, can you assess the fact from the fiction? In who’s hands is the real power to change the world? Can we as global citizens bear any responsibility or are we just innocent pawns to be sacrificed in a much bigger game?

Out In The Desert

I would like to tell you a story about a time I was caught in a flash flood and witnessed a disaster turn into something beautiful

Years ago when I was on my world travels  l  attended a festival  in the Negev desert, about 100km south of the Dead sea in Israel

Deep Division And Conflict

There were maybe 1500 people there, all camping out and living in a temporary community in  an inhospitable environment. All our water came in by tanker and we all had to get used to a very different way of life. It was a spiritually oriented festival and there were people there  from all backgrounds and religions. The camp had a lot of organisational problems and there was constant  arguing and negativity and the deep divisions between the different groups of people were brought to the surface. Some of the orthodox Jews took offence when more liberal minded  people wanted to wander around naked. You can  probably  imagine the conflicts in the kitchen with everyone’s particular food issues coming out.  What was supposed to be an experiment in tolerance and religious openness turned into different groups wanting to impose their belief systems on each other.

The camp was set in the desert and the only flat land suitable to camp on was in the valley of a dry river valley. Desert Waddi’s  are notorious for violent flash floods and we were in constant communication with the National Park Rangers who were keeping us informed about potential dangers.

A Warning

A week into the camp we received a warning that it had been raining in the mountains 50 km away and that we were in potential  jeopardy. The camp organisers went around telling everyone but as it was a beautiful sunny  day no one paid any attention. Most of the people came from the city and were not aware of the risk  or thought it was just another false alarm.

Not A Cloud In Sight?

I had a prophetic  dream the night before showing me the coming  flood.   I heeded the warning and  decided to move my tent.  My nearest neighbour was laughing at me saying  that there was no chance it was going to rain, the sky was a clear blue and there was not a cloud in sight, I moved my tent anyway despite her derision.

A Raging Torrent

Half an hour later  the first  trickle of water arrived in the camp. Those who knew what was coming quickly rushed to the car park and moved their vehicles. The majority just ignored the water and carried on with their normal activities.  Another 10 minutes passed and the trickle  turned into a small stream which rapidly grew into a  raging torrent 40 metres wide ripping  through the centre of the camp sweeping  away personal belongings,   tents, sleeping bags and air mattress.

Assessing The Damage

It was a miracle that no one was killed and an hour later after the flood was  over   we began to assess the damage. This apparent disaster brought the community together. Half the kitchen was swept away and  many people had lost everything but the spirits were  high, there was a joy and lightness that spread through  the camp there was no more arguing or religious debates and everyone pulled together to clean up the mess and rebuild the camps  infrastructure.

Being  in the Holy  Land that had seen so much conflict and bloodshed and in  the very place where prophets had gone to seek their enlightenment my heart was touched by the changes that occurred.  People putting aside their beliefs and differences  to solve a collective problem.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The Current world  financial situation has some interesting  parallels,  it’s not like there haven’t been enough warnings. Anyone who has tracked the price of gold for the past year will know that the people who understand the problems have little faith in  the value of paper money.

Those who moved their vehicles out of the way or re-pitched their tents on higher ground will come out relatively unscathed but will still have to live in the same communities with those who might lose everything. If you have ever seen the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” you will remember how unstable things can be when people lose confidence in their banks and how unscrupulous people take advantage and even engineer such situations in order to profit. The moral of this story was the same, when the hero was faced with apparent disaster  the community came together to help.

Timing And Terminology

I don’t buy into the fear mongering  and panic  that is currently being propagated by the worlds media. I do  believe we are in the midst of  a massive flood but  we have a choice how we handle apparent disasters such as this.  I only have to look at the timing in regards to the American Presidential Election and the  terminology they are using to recognise there is some serious negative branding and manipulation taking place.

Market Confidence

The world’s financial system is run on market  confidence, The money we spend is not real it is just a printed promise that there is gold in the bank to back up our pieces of paper. Governments and banks  can’t keep printing more money or lending money they don’t have. The buck has to stop somewhere and  when a crisis like this is reached a rebalancing has to take place.

What Do You Focus Your Attention On

When Rome was in flames I wonder if the citizens were thinking about their once great empire or were more concerned about getting out of the current situation alive, and protecting their community and loved ones.  Did they have any  leaders they could trust and rely on or were they merely pawns in a much larger game? Are we seeing the first flames that will engulf a global economic empire that might then plunge us back into a dark age or is it a localised fluctuation,  a shift in regional balances of power?

An Environmental Perspective

Reality can sometimes be hard to face and from an environmental perspective  any country that consumes most of the world resources and blatantly  pollutes the atmosphere in order to maintain  a high standard of living for its privileged citizens is  going to face some  kind of checking mechanism at some point.

The Media Shapes Our Beliefs And Attitudes

In our modern world this  next episode  will be documented and live for all to watch on their TV and computer screens . How many people actually realise that a lot of the problems stem for mass media shaping our belief systems  and lifestyles in the first place, It’s the hedonistic  consume now pay later lifestyle that has been fuelling  much of our modern economy.  Its not a sustainable  model and the sooner people wake up to this fact the better.

Faith In Our Leaders?

I have little faith in our global leaders to handle these problems, they are like bickering children who never listen to each other  and  organised like  street gangs that defend their own neighbourhoods using fear and violence. Killing each other to have control of the black liquid  drug that keeps them from going cold turkey.

Reframe A Crisis Into An Opportunity

I think the solutions will  be found in the global communities that are now  emerging,  visionary thinkers and enlightened leaders are needed who can see beyond the immediate problems and reframe a crisis into an opportunity.

Our Survival As A Species

We have a chance to do things in the right way. One that respects the interconnectedness of our  global system on all levels and places  our   survival as a species in a more realistic framework and timescale. If we are forced to live out the Malthusian model then war and famine will be resulting checking mechanisms.

An Economic War Fought On  A Global Spreadsheet

An Economic war can be just a painful and devastating  as one fought with guns and bombs. Few places in the world won’t be touched by the resulting shock waves.  These shockwaves will  be caused by a few blips on a computer screen as the Politicians and economists  adjust the numbers on a  global economic spreadsheet so their figures match up.  When you  cook  the books eventually the  auditors will come knocking and demand you pay your taxes.

Don’t Buy Into The Panic

We don’t need to buy into the panic and amplify it any more than is necessary. The real problems are  rooted  in our minds and this is where we each have a personal responsibility to end the conflict. A world controlled and ruled by religious fanatics of whatever denomination is always going to be a poisoned world.  Some worship  money while others worship the distorted words of middle eastern prophets but all seem to want to impose their beliefs on each other  and are convinced of their own righteousness.

You Have  A Choice

I know deep  in my heart that each of us has a choice what type of world we will live in . We are all connected,  our ancestors  come from the same mother,   we all breath the same atmosphere,  we all  drink the same water , we all walk on the same earth that gets its life and energy from the same sun that shines

Please Comment

I welcome your  comments and ideas on this topic  and any visionary insights  you can offer. The reason I ask you to comment is just to acknowledge that you have read my words.  A blank and empty space is as much  appreciated  as a long reply. I hope that in this apparent disaster I have done my bit to bring the community together.

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Membership Websites – Who Do You Spend Your Time With?

Why Should I Bother Joining  A Paid Membership Site?

This was my first thought when I first became interested in using the internet for developing my business. I couldn’t understand why I would need to pay someone to have access to a community , especially since there was a free community that I can access all the time on sites like Facebook. After joining several paid membership sites I soon realised there were very good reasons for being part of an exclusive club.

Who Do You Spend  Your Time With?

Who you spend your time with can greatly determine your level of success .  You are influenced by other peoples beliefs and ideas. If you have no money and you spend  everyday in the company of millionaires it won’t be long before their financial success start to rub off on you. Equally if you spend most of  you time with happy positive people you will tend to develop the same positive outlook on life.

Putting People In Boxes

While I generally don’t like to put people into boxes, from my observations  I have noticed distinct categories of people emerging .  I have been forced to generalise and exaggerate in order to define these categories more clearly. In reality the boundaries are quite permeable and  you might identify with several at the same time or observe your own transitions through a number of  phases.

Different People Join Different Types Of Membership Sites

Different people   tend to join different types of membership sites and I wanted to examine the reasons behind this and understand the key factors to consider before joining a membership website. Who owns and runs the membership site is equally as important as who  the other members are and it pays to do a bit of research before parting with your money.

1. The Well Established

These people are already successful and have an established online presence.

They tend to own multiple  websites, usually in targeted niches and have a solid sales funnel in place that attracts people to become their customers . They have back end products and services to offer and  they tend to be quite visible and promote themselves and their business in an active way. These are the types of people who set up membership sites, coaching programs and other types of continuity programs.  They are highly networked and work together with other successful people leveraging each others talents to grow  each others  businesses. They look at their customers and clients from a lifetime perspective and therefore place a high value on their reputation.

2. Just Arrived And Learning Fast

These people are successful offline and want to  realise their full potential on the Internet

They want to learn how to expand their business and leverage their time more effectively. They don’t have much time to learn the best strategies through trial and error so they pay experts  to help them achieve their intended results much faster. They have a lot of existing commitments to their offline business and feel that there is a lot  they need to learn. Because they already have many of the necessary business skills and available capital to invest in their online business they will rise quickly to join those already established. These people will join paid membership sites because they want to mix with other serious people who are moving in the same direction. They have valuable talents and experience to offer and an established network of offline contacts, the  benefits travel in both directions. These people always have a competitive advantage because of the people they have access to. Their reputations give them instant credibility and they would survive and flourish whatever environment you throw them into.

3. In Transition

These people are facing major changes in their lives, its like they are riding two horses at the same time and haven’t decided which one the prefer

You often find people who want to change careers or who are  retired in this group,  they want to create a supplemental income. These people tend to  view their business as a hobby, they like to dabble and experiment,  to get their toes wet and feel the temperature of the water.  They  place  their own security as  a high priority and are cautious about investing their hard earned money in training and coaching and  although they feel this would benefit them they tend to be procrastinators and conservative by nature.

The lucky ones will  be attracted to join the right membership sites that will nurture and develop their talents, by associating with people who are successful they are pulled up to the same level, a good membership site will push them out of their comfort zone and challenge their limited thinking with new Ideas and potential opportunities

The unlucky ones will join membership  sites that often start out well and then fade into nothing. Because these people tend not to be leaders themselves they often join membership sites that are run by a sole charismatic individual , they want someone to tell them what to do  but they don’t always follow the advice. These types of membership sites often fizzle out because they are fuelled by the members enthusiasm which soon fades after the initial excitement.

4. Strugglers

Strugglers are people who have already  taken the plunge, they have put their lives on the line and often take serious financial  risks. Many have lost money, investing in products that don’t work or in teachers who don’t come up with the goods. Their online business is doing poorly, they tend to be unorganised and suffer from self doubt and limiting beliefs. They aspire to be rich and live the Internet life but seem to be putting hours into their business and  never getting anywhere.  They spend more time working in their business than on their business. They tend to join the wrong types of membership  programs, They are either out of their depth or their  poor working habits are  unconsciously sabotaging  themselves. 70% of internet marketers fall into this category and unfortunately many unscrupulous  “Guru’s”   prey on these types as they have money and  are willing to spend. These types of people will fall prey to the scarcity tactics and high pressure selling. They want to belong to the elite but deep down don’t feel they are not worthy and don’t deserve to be rich. They are often jaded and  negatively  criticise others who are more successful. These types of people often have debt problems from poorly managing their finances. They can seem  like a desperate person drowing,  because they will grab onto you and might pull you under if you let them.

Expect Unreliability

If you are serious about growing your business these can be  the worst types to associate  with. They  will suggest  JV partnerships and expect  you to do all the work or they will promise to do something and then let you down and  will waste your time and energy because they want you to solve their problems. Unless you are a life coach and your actual  job is too help these people I would suggest avoiding  them  for businesses purposes.

Don’t Let Them Drag You Down

Its  O.K.  to be this way and I am sure many of us can recognise it as a phase we might have gone through at some point in our lives . We either sink or we learn to swim. I am  not making any judgements here only to suggest that associating with people like this can bring you down especially if you are not firmly established in either of the first two categories.

5. Hopefuls

These people are total newbie’s and who have  never run a business before, they are bright eyed and exited about all the possibilities available to them, They don’t have the experience to tell the real from the fake and often become targets for unscrupulous marketers who promise to fulfil all their dreams and then don’t deliver the goods.

They will tend to join all the free membership sites and won’t understand the true value of a paid service.  This is good for you if you are a member of a paid membership site you know that everyone there is probably past this stage in their development. One of the reasons a paid club is so useful is that it creates an entry barrier. The higher the price  ypu pay the more serious you can expect the members to be.

Can You Spot A Rising Star?

Many membership sites have tiered entry levels so the newbie is not excluded. They might  have  bronze, silver, gold and platinum membership levels. It acts as a filtering process, not all hopefuls and newbie’s are  a problem, many of them will become the next generation of leaders and its good to have a way to spot who these people are.  If you help a rising star you can be sure that they will repay that loyalty in the future.

6. Pyramid People

MLM type people focus on recruiting  people into their down lines  or promote viral traffic schemes and get rich quick offers. The ones that succeed and do well are energetic, charismatic and brag about the lifestyle and success  that they have achieved. They neglect to tell you about the people under them who spent money on training and buying leads only to discover  that they don’t have the right personality for network marketing and have burned out all their friends and contacts. This industry uses the 99-1 principle. For every 1 person who succeed there are 99 who fail.

Religious Fanatics?

They act in the same way religious fanatics do, they want to convert everyone  to join their church.  They will often have paid membership schemes that look identical on the outside to other membership sites. How can you tell the difference, you might not even  suspect that your membership site might be a front for an unscrupulous pyramid scheme.

Do Your Research

One thing I always do is  Google the company name and  the directors names  along with the word scam, you can be sure if they have a history there will be others who have voiced their complaints and concerns. If they have a solid reputation you can expect to find evidence to back this up. Not all MLM businesses  are out to scam you but its your own personal responsibiliy  to discover if you are dealing with a legitimate organisation.

7. Bottom Feeders

Those are people who jump from one opportunity to another,  wanting to succeed but never implementing any of the strategies and consuming internet products like McDonalds Hamburgers – they tend to be  habitual failures and spend all their money on products  and courses that they never even finish.

If You Dig A Well You Should  Keep Digging In The Same Place

Like a person digging a well they keep starting one hole and then moving to begin another, never digging deep enough in one place to reach water. They tend to be more desperate and often console themselves with excuses and poor me stories. Much like the third category these people often don’t have a business . They might have registered a few domains and have a free blog account somewhere, but their online presence is a  trail of disaster, They will be trying to sell you products from  2004 on websites that they were duped into buying and   they have the master resale right to 100 other outdated products.  They are running their internet empire form under their duvet,   never waking up and getting out of bed   or  taking the step away from their couch to put any of their ideas into practice. They want a business that they can set and forget, they want to press a button and get paid.

Internet Parasites?

These types of people spend too much time in online forums,  you will  find them in all the free membership websites pontificating and hiding behind false names and profiles, they are often likened to parasites that sweep from one fad to the next. Following 6 months or more  behind the cutting edge, coming to feed after all the low hanging fruit is taken, always hungry. They will be the ones who are desperately spamming  your inbox begging for crumbs of  your attention. They are the sort of people who you  definitely don’t want to partner up with.

Freebie Hunters

You won’t normally find them in the Paid membership sites because the know where they can get everything for free. They view paid sites as a waste of money because they don’t understand the value of forming  real relationships and creating business partnerships. They tend to be  selfish and self centred and that is why they stay stuck where they are. Sites like Facebook protect you from the worst offenders in this category but some still slip through the net.

Read Part Two – How To Choose The Membership Site That Is Right For You

If you have enjoyed this article be sure to read part two where I examine the questions you need to ask to  find the membership site that suits you best. Check out my blog or watch your news feed on Facebook.

Be Informed

Those of you who know me won’t be surprised by what comes next. There is a reason behind me writing this article, I want you to be as informed as possible and also to point you towards a  membership website that is different in many ways.

Master Buisiness Builders Club

It’s a membership website that has cutting edge Web3.0 Video  tools and has an impressive team of experts filling it with valuable content each and every month. It was created by Travis Greenlee and Mitch Meyerson,   and its called  the Master Business Builders Club.

Click this link if you want a quick guided tour, its my affiliate link so I get a commission  if you decide to join. The first month is totally free so it’s a no brainer really.  You will  have  access to tons of training material to help you grow your business  and can partcipate  weekly teleseminars and mastermind groups, check out the notice board  for who is coming up this week.

Rich Schefren – A Viral Master Who Can Predict The Future?

A Launch Like No Other

Last week Rich Schefren spent  26 hours live on upstream TV to promote his latest free report,  The Uncertainty Syndrome and his new G.P.S, (Guided Profit System) coaching program.   In this article I will  analyse some of  his  marketing tactics that he has adopted for this launch, and briefly summarise the main points in the report.

I would urge anyone to check out Rich Schefrens material. He is known as the Guru’s Guru and is a student of world renowned business advisor and marketing wizard  Jay Abraham.

A Viral Master Who Can Predict The Future

Rich is a master of Viral Marketing and his previous reports like  The Internet Business Manifesto and Attention Age Doctrine have become landmarks in the online marketing world as he carefully analysed and pinpointed the trends and shifts  in the rapidly changing  online world, and the steps businesses need to take in order to respond and adapt or find themselves left behind.

Timing Is Everything

Rich has left  enough time for  the recent Stompernet launch  to quiet down giving  him the platform to  grab everyone’s  attention. With so many people jaded by the constant stream of product launches  his 26 hour Marathon was something a bit different that made him stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Build The Excitement

His report went live at 12.00noon EST, He used a countdown timer on his Blog to build anticipation and anyone who follows him on Twitter will have seen his tweets that were intended to  tease and titilate us and get us in the right mindset to consume his next offering. His friends  at Stompernet  also mailed to their list so you can be sure that anyone who has expressed an interest were well  primed about this report.

Over Deliver On Bonuses And Create An Irresistible Offer

Rich has been using Mike Filsaimes strategy for virally spreading his report. By offering free bonuses for each friend you invite. He is making an irresistible offer to get people to tell their friends.

Build Credibility

On Opening the report you are faced with a 3 page  introduction from marketing heavyweight Jay Abraham. Rich has always been an advocate of piggy backing and here he uses it again by getting his mentor to introduce him and build his own credibility. Not that he really needs any more building up. Rich’s client list is like a who’s who of the internet marketing world.

Amplify The Pain

The next 8  pages are “amplifying your pain”. Here he is trying to connect with an entrepreneurs frustrations. By showing he understands their problems and that he has the solution. Remember Rich is ultimately trying to sell a coaching program he needs to connect deeply with those who need his help.

Leisure Phobia – Are You A Sufferer?

Rich nails some of the main problems that those who run their own business face and their inability to disconnect with their work and give attention to other areas of their life

Create Your Own Terminology

Leisure Phobia is the new term that he has coined. Rich is famous for inventing new terminology and words that will  always link back to him as their originator. Rich is again establishing himself as A Maven To Pay Attention To.

Identify The Real Issues

Page 12 Introduces the main concept of his report,  that the actual success of your business is determined by the  constraints you place around it.

“The ONLY way to turn your potential for success into actual success is to blow away the constraints in your business that are actually blocking your path”

Rich also points to an interesting truth that  “The pain that a constraint causes is rarely felt at the point of that constraint but somewhere else in the process”

Rich breaks these constraints down into 3 main category’s

Errors in thinking, Errors in Procedures and Self imposed constraints.

Offer The Solution To The Problem

The solutions that he offers are termed 7 silver bullets and form the remainder of his report.

  • Do it wrong fast – Action Creates Clarity

  • Fast  and Frequent Intelligence  – Avoid Flying Blind

  • Learn to view  your business as one large system – Avoid  Linear Thinking

  • Use Timesavers to instantly double your profits  –  Avoid Inefficient work styles

  • Create a worldwide network of A list players – don’t be alone and lost in a networked world.

  • Embrace the awesome power of social psychology marketing – avoid outdated one way marketing

  • Rip The Lid Off Your Buyers Bottlenecks

Sell On The Back End

Rich has built his  multimillion dollar business  without any front end product. He uses his free reports and other marketing techniques to convince people to join his coaching program. Rich  freely share for 26 Hours everything he has to offer and then follows up with emails and more exciting offers that

Showing The Human Side

Everything  Rich does is carefully planned to reveal  the human side of his business.  He gives you  a  behind the scenes view of his office,  and you even get to  meet his  wife and two daughters emphasising that fact that he is a family man. He’s also not doing this for the money, he already has plenty, he is motivated because he is passionate about what he does and loves to help others succeed.

Office Arguments

He even tells you  about arguments that took place in his office when his staff were deciding  what should be included in the final version of the manuscript. Everything is carefully orchestrated to build rapport to the point where you really  feel like you know, like and trust this guy

Viral Visibility is Key

Rich makes his reports so good and reveals such quality information that they go viral straight away. Anyone who has read any of his work will know what I am talking about, it’s the sort of thing you want to be the first to tell your friends so they will thank you for putting them onto it.

Rich Makes Himself Available

Rich did an amazing thing at the beginning of this launch, he went live on ustream TV for 26 hours and gave a constant stream of quality advice and business coaching to all who had tuned in. Not only was he showing just what he had to offer by  revealing  the depth and breadth of his experience he was also building powerful  relationships with all his potential future clients; Over 27,000 people participated in this monumental event and they averaged 1000 viewers at any one time.

Are You Competitive?

Rich also ran a competition on his blog, giving away a free scholarship to his coaching program. Not only does this force people to actually read his report and start applying its principles, it  further increases the viral buzz   and allows him to perform one of the essential tasks  that Jeff Walker Identifies in his Product Launch Formula and that is to survey you customers and ask them what their main problems are.  You then use this feedback to  tailor your product and sales letter to directly address the issues that seem most prevalent  he has already  received  over 400 entries to his competition at the time of writing.

Feedback Formula

Rich  insists on feedback from his clients to constantly improve his services, he has  applied this principle throughout the whole launch process and really builds those personal relationships even to the point of  emailing all those who make comments on his blog.

Teleseminar  With The Wizard

With Less than 48 hours to the opening of his coaching program,  his final offering is a  teleseminar with Marketing Wizard Jay Abraham, one of Rich’s teachers and personal  mentors. Make sure you book your place as it is likely to fill up fast,   Grab Your Spot Here

If you have enjoyed this article you can find a lot of other similar great resources on my Blog,

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TWITTER HOW-TO TIP #75 Blow-by-blow Event or Meeting Twittering

NOTE: This Twitter How-to Tip is an authorized part of the “Twittin’ Secrets” Series: 100 World’s Greatest Twitter Tips and Twitter Secrets by Internet and Twitter Strategist, Dan Hollings.


Blow-by-blow event or meeting Twittering (out to your followers) can be a great way to generate higher readership during a specific time period and increase followers over the long haul. The key is to get a dedicated person or team involved in your event Twitterings so that a high quality and quantity of good information or exciting news is being pumped out – literally blow-by-blow as the meeting occurs.

There are many examples of this, (low tech and high tech) but none more innovative than the one done for the 2008 Presidential Debates. In this example the debate is the event and the followers are invited to post commentary tweets about the debate which get overlaid on the video (broadcast) as the debate streams live. See an this CNN iReport for details:

Your goal with this Twitter strategy is to give the remote Twitter participant (your follower) the feeling that even though they are not physically there; they are still an important part of the event. If things are passed out or sold at the event, prepare links upfront to Tweet to followers so they too can download or buy.



Yes you can add click-to-buy links in a Tweet. Just create the checkout link at a system like PayPal, Google Checkout, or your own shopping cart and shorten that BUY link at any URL shortening/redirect service.




Make sure you do advanced Tweets prior to the event to make sure your followers are aware of event details. You may find that TwitterCal (a Twitter/Google Calendar integration at is perfect for your event details.

If you do tele-seminars, events or live type presentations, why not have remote Twitter participants submit Tweet comments and questions to you, live as your event unfolds.  CNN News has begun integrating Twitter in this manner with their live news broadcasts.  Rick Sanchez of CNN is a prime example. Make your Twitter participants feel special AND explain to other participants what you are doing (you want them all to get excited about following you on Twitter).


100 Free Twitter Tips are at


This Twitter Tip is hosted here because I was chosen as a winner in Dan’s  Underdog Blog Contest

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Who Is The Man Behind “The Secret”?

The Real Law Of Attraction

For all those who are interested in the Law Of Attraction, have you ever wondered how it became so popular and how it managed to infiltrate the hearts and minds of people all over the world? How did the movie “The Secret” manage to spread its message so far and wide?

A Marketing Genius

A month ago when I first discovered  Teet Deck for managing my Twitter profile I began using it to find new and interesting people to follow. One of the those I stumbled upon is a guy called Dan Hollings. I suspect that many of  you will not have heard of him before, but I am sure you have been influenced by his work

Dan Hollings  is …

“the internet strategist behind the smash hit movie “The Secret,” considered by many as the most successful internet launch of its kind. “

“An internet marketing, micro-blogging and mobile marketing strategist. Dan has consulted for celebrities, talk show hosts, NY Times best selling authors, world renowned entrepreneurs, and companies both large and small “

He is also the brains behind Twitter Split, an innovative way to recycle your twitter traffic.

The Best Twitter Secrets Ever

For the first 10 days in September he has launched ” 100 Twittin Secrets“,  and  spread them all over the  Internet. I have been using Twitter  for 4 months but I have never  really understood or utilised  its full potential until I began reading some of Dan’s Twitter secrets. If only I had these when I first got started

Why Is He Giving This Away For Free?

I was also interested in observing  why he was giving away such great quality information for free, there is no sign up and no optin required. These are not your usual Twitter tips consisting of a list of popular twitter applications and tools,  these are fully  fledged strategies and detailed explanations  showing you how  to use Twitter in ways  you have never imagined.  They take you from beginner to black belt and even the most experienced twitter will find something of value if you take the time to read them all.

Winner Of The Underdog Blogger Competition

As part of his promotion Dan ran a competition for bloggers   entitled “Underdog Blogger”  I decided to enter my blog and  was chosen as a winner after convincing him that my Blog deserved to get exposure to a wider audience and also benefit from the extra  traffic. My prize will be to host one of his Twitter tips on my Blog.

Going Viral On A Massive Scale

I believe Dan’s underlying strategy is  to go viral on a massive scale  with these Twitter tips. He could easily have turned them into a book and made it into a bestseller but by giving them away for free he is teaching more people how to use Twitter, educating them about just what a powerful marketing tool it can become if used in the right way.

Back End Products

He has several of his own Twitter services that he will be cashing in on so you can be sure he will be rewarded quite nicely  on the back end. He is also getting people like me to recommend him, spreading his information, while building up his own Twitter following.  I have also learned a lot of tricks and tips just by watching what sites and services he uses so while you are reading the tips and applying them for yourselves, be sure to take your own notes and bookmark some of the places you will end up visiting.

Sharing With My Friends

I always believe in sharing good information with my friends  so to all of you who are reading this I urge you to go and check out Dan’s Twitter secrets, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Go and read at least one every day for the next month and I can guarantee that if you just apply 1/10th of what he suggests you will get a lot more followers on Twitter and you will have a very powerful tool at your disposal should you wish to go deeper. I am going to be diving in an exploring a lot of these techniques so you can also watch my own progress.

A Small Favour

For those of you who are reading this on Facebook  I would like to ask you a favour.

If you think these Twitter tips are any good  please come back to this note and leave a comment. If you think your other Facebook friends might benefit from seeing  them too,   scroll to the top of the page and press the share button and this note will be posted to your profile.

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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Applications?

For those people who mourned  having their  favourite applications relegated to the boxes tab when Facebook switched to the new design they can now access them even quicker regardless of where they are on the page because they are now built into the bottom  tool bar.

Facebook Shortcuts Are Back

Yesterday I noticed a new little box appear in the bottom left of my Facebook profile page and also that a few other things had be rearranged. Facebook’s design team must have been hard at work responding to the feedback from their users and thankfully they seemed to have listened.

My Prayers Were Answered

I wrote a long letter to Facebook pleading with them to bring this feature back and they seem to have answered my prayers. My own reasons were because without an easy way to get to functions that I use regularly I tended not to go there very much. I had stopped using a lot of my Facebook applications and no longer visited my group pages because it tool about 3 clicks and  2 scrolls  to get anywhere.

If You Can’t See It You Wont Use It

I had observed  a decline in group activity over the last 2 months  that had concerned me. Some of the best strategies for using   Facebook have involved  groups and they are one of the fastest and most effective ways to build a presence for yourself or your business on facebook.  Now I can have my groups button visible all the time.

Developers Are Still Suffering

For the thousands of Facebook developers who had their businesses wiped out overnight this might come as some consolation so long as users become educated about using this new function. They still suffer from the fact that they no longer get exposure on profile pages so the viral potentials are drastically restricted. How many will bother to update their old applications to conform to the new profile is still debatable. Inside Facebook writer Adam Lovallo wrote about some of these issues in a recent article about this   new bookmarking facilty

Welcome To The New Applications Menu

The applications menu is easy to configure just click on it and all the icons can be  dragged into the order you want them to show. Facebook have limited this to 6 options which is plenty for most users. Remember you can still place four other  applications on the left side of your profile page and also add applications  in their own dedicated tabs (not all applications support this function as third party developers need to redesign and resize their boxes)

Finding New Applications

You can find new applications by clicking on the edit all button, this will take you to a page where you can edit all  the permissions for your applications and if you click the browse more applications button you will be taken to another page where you find all the latest applications neatly divided into categories.

Gary Vaynerchuck Pulls No Punches – P.H.C.C.

A Social Media Maven

If you haven’t  heard of Gary Vaynerchuck then you can’t have spent much time on the internet.  Gary is a social media maven who has risen to fame and fortune with his winelibraryTV video blog and is one of the hardest working people you can imagine. Gary has built his brand and his loyal following on his devotion to his fans. He advocates giving and giving and then more giving. He answers every email personally which can sometimes take him up to 12 hours a day. (Glen Crosier wrote a great note about this subject a couple of weeks ago – How Much Time Should You Invest in One on One Relationships ?)

Gary Pulls No Punches

I have become a regular viewer of his video blog at he is a guy to watch because he is a true expert on social media and knows how to effectively leverage his position and branding power after  putting  in years of  effort and hard work. He’s down to earth, unpretentious and brutally honest;  renowned for his straight talking at breakneck speed. Gary pulls no punches and tells it like it is.

Gary and Noah

My Facebook friend Noah ‘StJohn did an interview with him a few days ago and if you are quick you might still get a chance to hear it. Check out Gary had Noah in stitches with his razor sharp humour.

Gary Likes Acronyms – P.H.C.C.

Gary’s has summarised his philosophy in 4 letters  P.H.C.C

Patience, Hustle, Content and Community

“Patience, success don’t come over night, it takes time to build a business and establish a brand

Hustle for the monetising, email advertisers and ask them to promote you

Content ,  if there is substance behind it people will respect it – do what you know best and are passionate about If you don’t have the goods  then you are going to be exposed eventually

Community – give, give and give some more, answer every email, follow every lead, shake every hand”

My Own Personal Lessons

I am learning these lessons and appreciate Gary’s advice.  I  realise I need to do a bit more hustling. A lot more hard work is needed. Getting the right systems in place will be my focus over the coming months.   I am very excited about my  prospects for the coming year and look forward to working wih all the wonderful people I have met online.

On The Cutting Edge

Facebook and other social media sites have given me a platform where I can communicate my Ideas to a much wider audience than I ever thought possible. A  vision to change the world can be brought closer to fruition when you discover that you are not the only one who thinks in this way. Our Facebook community is  right on the cutting edge and we have the tools at our fingertips to get our message out there.

New Opportunities

Every day I am given more and more opportunities, I have  people  coming to me and sharing their ideas, asking to work with me and  I am learning to leverage other peoples talents which frees up more of my own time.

How Do You Measure Up?

How do you measure up when you apply Gary’s P.H.C.C  formula to your business and online activities are you ticking all the boxes or are there areas where you could improve. Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Facebook Users Protest Against Forced Adoption Of New Design

Petition Against The “New Facebook”

Facebook announced the final rollout of their new look design and those who have avoided adopting it  it will now be forced to get used to the changes. Understandably there has been a huge outcry from those who hate the new look and are having their old much loved profiles taken away from them and replaced by Facebooks new cleaner tabbed  profile layout.

One group I looked at, Petition Against the “New Facebook” has nearly half a million members. I suspect that even if they reach their million target Facebook won’t take a blind bit of notice. Its too much work to keep two platforms running side by side forever and it is obvious to me that Facebook have a very clear vision regarding the direction that they want to move in.

The Man Who Is Responsible Speaks Out

Mark Slee the man responsible for the new look Facebook talked to Robert Scoble recently . The interview gives you an inisders perspective as you look behind Facebook’s new design. Mark explains some of the issues involved and the main reasons why these changes are necessary.

Facebook SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

I wrote all about this in my epic  four part series where I made a SWOT analysis of Facebooks new design. Some of my predictions are already coming true. The shift towards monetising Facebook through mass advertising has to be balanced with user requirements. Many people who migrated to Facebook from  Myspace did so because it offered a sanctuary from the constant bombardment of advertising. They might now be faced with a similar dilemma.

Do You Love It or Hate It?

I  have gotten used to the new design, and while I mourn some of the old features and miss having my applications easily accessible and visible I wouldn’t want to switch back. The viral benefits of the merging of the wall and minifeed and the rise in prominence of Facebook Notes has made it a much more powerful tool for building community and developing relationships.

Is There A Conspiracy?

In my research I also stumbled upon an old article “With Friends Like These… “ written by a Guardian reporter that gives another insight into the real people behind Facebook . It gets quite sinister and Big Brother like and shows links to CIA interest and Government control. It reminds me of Noam Chomskys classic documentary, Manufacturing Consent and makes me wonder just who is holding the reigns of this powerhouse and what would happen if they chose to abuse their position or were forced to hand over control due to government intervention.

Democracy or Dictatorship?

I am not the type of person who wants to spread paranoid conspiracy theories or get involved in any politics but I can see a real danger if we all get too dependant on Facebook and there is no way to address these types of issues. Facebook now has as many users as the whole population of The United Kingdom. As citizens in this virtual country are we living in a democratic and free society or an oppressive controlling dictatorship?

Going Round And Round In Circles?

I spent several hours last night coaching a friend who wanted some insights into her money and abundance issue.   This article is a result of that session and I thought I would share it with my friends as I really liked  the metaphors that we developed.

If You Jump In The River You Get Wet

Abundance is flowing all the time. The universe’s grace is there for all to receive. You just have to place yourself in its path/stream. If you jump in a river you get wet, if you stay on the bank or just dip your toes you don’t get carried to where the current runs the fastest

Beware Of Hidden Obstacles

Even if you are in the water can you see clearly how the water is moving you? In a river there are sometimes hidden obstacles or obstructions underwater that cause surface objects to move in circles and get trapped in a current or eddy. Constantly revolving but not actually moving forward with the main flow of the river .

Friction Will Hold You Back

This tends to happen towards the edges close to the banks, in the main flow these movements are carried forward by the power of the whole river. Where the water is moving more slowly there is more friction from the bank,  hidden rocks, tree branches and other obstacles that can’t be seen.

Going Round In Circles

When you run up against hidden conditioning and belief structures  no matter how much you hold the vision and see yourself getting the results you desire you will find yourself going around in circles and then complain that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you.

Blaming Is Only Shifting Responsibility

This applies equally to your personal life and your business. If you are not getting to where you want to be in life stop looking outside, blaming the government or the recession or your childhood or your wife or your parents or your employer or business partner. Blaming is not a way to get free of the friction that is stopping you reaching the centre of the stream and the main currents of life, it is just a way of shifting responsibility.

Are You Missing Something Important

You might not even realise you are going round and round in circles because you are in the water and you appear to be moving. You  insist that you are doing everything right but deep down you know that you  are missing something really important

Do You Have Clear Reference Points

What you are missing is clear reference points. Ways to calibrate and measure. If you can see a point on the bank or can see another object moving in the river you will soon realise  you true situation. People who are lost in the wilderness and who don’t have a compass will almost always find themselves walking around in circles. Until they learn to navigate by the sun and the stars or  by the bark on the trees they will stay lost.

Experience Is What  Counts

A life  or business coach  is like a strong swimmer who has experience navigating  the river and can dive down under the water to see what is really going on. They know where  the obstacles are and can intervene to nudge you back into the main flow. The best coaches are those who actually know from personal experience what it’s like to be trapped in the eddies and tangled in the roots of old patterns and limiting beliefs. They have the skills to survive and adapt in any situation or circumstance, they can read nature like a book and follow its silent guidance. They can help you make the maps you need and plan your future direction of travel.


If you are reading this on Facebook you will see that many of the people I have tagged in this note are already coaches of some description, they might not call it that directly but their business is  about helping others to achieve success. They have their own specialisations so get to know your coach and make sure they have the experience that is relevant to your own personal needs. Even coaches need coaching, the best ones always know the limits of their own experience and are honest with themselves and their clients.

Free Consultation

I  would like to offer a free 20 minute consultation  to anyone who is serious about hiring my services.  I have gained  my PHD from the University of Life,  I have followed a few rivers from their mountain sources  all the way to the ocean,   I’ve also lived in deserts and trekked through several jungles.

Intuitive Skills

I rely a lot on my intuition which I have spent years developing and honing.  I am happy to apply my varied skills and talents to help you see clearly what you need to do in order to succeed.  If you want to live your  life and run your business in a way that doesn’t compromise you spiritual values  then working with me can bring you great benefits.

Contact Me

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Facebook Notes – 10 Steps To Writing A Winning Post

Facebook Notes – A New Strategy To Get Viral Visibility

Many of you have probably observed the increase in the number of Facebook Notes that are floating around these days. This has happened since the introduction of the new look Facebook. More people are becoming aware of the potential to gain massive viral exposure by writing notes and participating in discussions . They have also been responsible for bringing many people much closer together and creating a real sense of community

Build Solid Relationships

These are much more than just social events, or blog posts to get traffic or publicity, most people who are taking part are actively using Facebook for business and by exposing themselves with such honesty and transparency they are building real connections and solid relationships with all the other participants.

What is most interesting is the depth that some of the discussions are reaching and when posed with a stimulating question or issue to address the original post acts as a springboard to dive into and explore each topic.

Increase The Value Of Each Note

The value of the Note increases as more people add their own personal insights.The way Facebook have structured the system it forces the most popular notes to the top of your newsfeed so there is a huge potential to get massive exposure for yourself or your business if you understand some of the basic principles behind writing a good note and spotting the ones that are going to become popular.

1 – Choose A Controversial Topic And Get Personal

Sometimes this is the hardest thing to get right,  follow other notes and see if there is a theme emerging that you can write about. If you are stuck for ideas pick something that is happening in the world and reflect on its impact or the lessons that can be learned or find a quote or article from your favourite author and add your own personal understanding. Getting personal is the key to successful Facebook notes. All the best ones I have read have revealed something interesting about the author, this creates a real bonding and sense of intimacy.

2 – Write A Short Punchy Article That Ends With A Question

This will stimulate people to respond. If your note becomes too long and convoluted you will lose your readers. Consider breaking a long note into a series of shorter ones. Most people don’t have the time to read a 3000 word essay. The Blog Squad talk about the 4 E’s – Engage, Entertain, Educate and Enrich. Make sure your note ticks these 4 boxes.

3 – Keep To The Point, Make It Short And Sweet

Don’t ramble and discuss 2 or 3 different subjects in one note, this will confuse people. Keep it short and sweet. Respect your readers time, edit your note down and only include what is absolutely essential to get your point across. You can always add more later in the comments section

4 – Make Your Note Attractive

this means have good formatting, use subheads and break your note into manageable chunks. Pictures make the note more visually appealing and can give your note a stickiness factor.

5 – Tag People Who Want To Participate

Its no use tagging all your friends who are too shy to write something or are too busy to even read the note. Tag the people who you know like to participate and are regular commentators. Some people also like to tag those people who have big networks or who are centres of influence. This works well as long as what you write is appropriate and as long as you feel you have permission to do this . Not everyone wants you to use their wall and their newsfeed to spread your message so be respectful and consider asking permission first.

6 – Release Your Note At The Optimum Time

I have noticed that for my network, Facebook activity drops over the weekend, and is highest during the weekdays.  Its up to you to know your own network and when the peaks of activity are as it may vary considerably. Get the timing wrong and your note will get pushed down the newsfeed and no one will notice it.

7 – Comment On Your Own Note and Participate

Always get into the habit of commenting on your own notes and refer back to what other people have written. Become a regular participant in other peoples notes. Build a reputation as someone who adds value and always has something interesting to say, if you do this then other people will start to tag you in their notes. Which will increase your viral visibility.

8 – Press The Share Button

Sharing is a way to vote up the best quality discussions and expose them to the widest possible audience. The note will be posted to your profile page and will also be pushed out into all your friends newsfeeds. Pressing the share button because you feel obliged to reciprocate isn’t a good strategy. You will not build a reputation as someone to follow and pay attention to if you spread poor quality articles and information. Press it because it has added some value and you think your friends will appreciate it.

9 – Use Feedback and Build on Success

You know when you have written a good note by how many comments you receive and how many people press the share button. This is important feedback and it’s a valuable exercise to look at your notes and work out what elements made one note more popular than another. This way you can build on your success and continually strive to improve. My article If Your Headline Sucks No One Will Listen was a good example of this process. If you write a note and no one comments go over this checklist and see what areas you could improve upon.

10 – End With A Call To Action

Invite your readers to your Blog or Website, To follow you on Twitter or to check out your latest book. Ask them in a casual conversational manner in the same style as the rest of your note. Suddenly switching to a hard sell might create a disconnect and you might come across as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is also the case if you have too many outbound links to your own products and services. By all means include them but keep them to a minimum and be subtle about how you present them. If you comment on a note and just promote yourself without really taking part in the discussion you will might get viral visibility but it will be for the wrong reasons.

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Learning To Fly – Predictions For The New Earth and the New Internet

A  Tribal Society?

We are now at a turning point through the re-tribalisation of society through social media. A reconnecting and re-organisation is taking place and the power structures are rapidly shifting to accommodate these changes .

The internet has brought us a tool to connect people together and allow a very rapid transfer of ideas and information across the network of humanity that makes up the user base.

Turning Points

The major turning points  in the history of information can be tracked  back to

The development of writing, the introduction of the alphabet, the creation of the printing press and the Introduction of the Internet.

Closer To Nature

The majority of tribal societies throughout history have had a   much greater respect and understanding  for the divine feminine, since they were living closer to nature and closer to the earth than we do today.

I see this reflected in the recent rise in awareness about environmental issues and collective responsibility for the pollution that we are poisoning our planet with.

Cyber Interactions

On a more personal level how does this translate when we are making our connections to each other through cyberspace and in an electronic form? Are we interacting in a genuine way and can it really ever replace the closeness that humans have always experienced when they lived together on a physical level.  Will we ever be able to reach out and give our friends a true cyberhug  where they can feel our heart beating next to theirs and hold their bodies in a way that  shows how much we care for them.

Heartfelt Feelings

Recently I have noticed that more people are feeling comfortable enough to express  their beliefs and heartfelt feelings in ways that would have been inappropriate before and had them ridiculed or labelled in a negative way. They are using this honesty and openness to develop trust and attract people to them for business purposes and deepen their relationships. The boundaries that separate business and friendship seem to be getting more blurred , which leads to a need for even greater transparency and honesty

I have always  looked  at the developments in technology and liken them to what is already in place and is our natural birthright as human beings. They seem to mirror our evolution as a species.

Reality Is Only What We See

We are already telepathic and operate from a global group mind its just that most of the world hasn’t consciously realised this yet . We focus most of our awareness on the narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum  that pertains to our physical eyesight  and call that reality.

A New World Opens Up

When a child learns to ride a bike they use training wheels, they wobble and find it difficult to adjust to this new mode of transport. After a while they realise that they don’t need the extra support and can safely ride without them. A whole new world opens up and transport becomes a much faster and interesting experience.

Learning To Fly

The internet is giving us the tools to fly. We are all like children clinging to the engines of a Jet plane like they are  training wheels on a bike,  too scared to flap our own wings in case we crash down to earth.  Only when enough of us are soaring will the majority realise that they can fly too.

This post is a reply I made to a discussion that was taking place on Facebook.

To see the original post made by Michelle Castro and some of the inspiring comments click the following link Predictions for the New Earth and the New Internet

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