Going Viral Part 3 – Making it Big on the Internet

Viral Video’s can make people laugh and also Spend

Viral Video on the internet has been the latest trend for marketers and advertisers,

One of the greatest forms of viral marketing comes through humour. Some videos are obviously just to make people laugh but others have been carefully crafted as part of a viral marketing campaign. And with paid video upload services like HeySpread and TrafficGeyser Its easy for anyone to get their videos massive exposure. Which can then draw floods of traffic to your business and websites.

One of the best examples I have seen is the Will it Blend campaign from Blend Tec where the host puts an ipod in a blender and shows how powerful the Blend Tec blender is in a very funny way. They have had over 5,000,000 views for this one alone. They have made a whole series blending lots of unusual things.

The Bionic Burger is another great example from the Best Day Ever, a health company that promotes its own membership site after their viral video exposes the dangers of eating processed food. Over 1,000,000 views and rising.

The value they add to a persons life can be education or entertainment, bringing a smile to someone’s face automatically associates your product or brand with that positive feeling . Guess what name will first come to mind next time your customer wants to buy something.

Twitter Whore or Twitter Bore

Another great viral marketing tool that is being used a lot is Twitter. One of the things I like to do with twitter is follow people who have a sense of humour Like Fran Kern or his buddy Jason Moffat, I am always clicking on Jason’s tweets because he often finds very amusing things and interesting websites. What he is doing is promoting his reputation as being a joker, rebel and surf bum and gets lots of fans this way plus a lot of traffic to his websites that promote his own video marketing business. His tweets go viral because people like me pass the best ones onto my other friends. And I am sure there are hundreds of others who do the same. A great one that he recommended recently was Twitter Whore. If you have spent any time on twitter you will enjoy it a lot. Here Lisa Nova cleverly manages to promote herself on Twitter and has pulled in over 300,000 views on this video alone

John Reese loves Twitter

When I first started this Blog I wrote about one of my Internet mentors, John Reese and how he got 5000 people on facebook to make friends with him within one week and then his buddy Ed Dale told him to get into Twitter, and he migrated and never really came back. At that time only about 1500 of Johns Fans on facebook followed him over. Yesterday John broke the 3000 barrier on twitter so I took the opportunity to shoot over a quick question

Ian_chapman @johnreese congrats on reaching 3000 friends. Do you use twitter because it is more viral than facebook or just more friendly?

johnreese @ian_chapman I do more with Twitter because it’s naturally a better communications tool. Easier for conversations and consuming new info

John Just announced the launch date of Traffic Secrets 2 and he has promised some free videos to promote the launch with. This will be one to watch. As Johns last major project didn’t live up to his expectations as he openly admits on his blog he has been taking the time to ensure that this next offering will . Maybe one of the reasons is that Blog Rush tended too far towards MLM and never had the viral effects that John obviously wanted built into its design. The free video’s for the product launch are sure to go Viral so keep your eye’s open they will be coming soon.

Tubby Nerd

Ed dale is another avid twitterer and also Viral Marketing expert, he has a horde of followers who track his every move because they know they can learn from someone who is so successful on the Internet. in his 30 day challenge last year his partner Dan Raine shared this on his Blog as he analysed his own success and described the way to build and launch a viral business online

“A real viral site usually has a high peak of sales at the beginning, but due to its offerings manages to create buzz. This buzz (and incentives) cause people to promote the site, and with a bit of luck you get growth, and finally long-term stability. Now every viral site goes through a decrease in numbers and a softening of the buzz and requires a bit of a re-launch at times to help stimulate the market again” http://www.15kchallenge.com/blog/

Ed and Dan are beginning the 30 day challenge pretty soon so if you want to get some tips from some of the best follow what they are up to

This is part 3 of a four part article series

Part 1 – Understanding The Difference Between Viral Marketing and MLM

Part 2 – A Personal Story

Part 4 – He Who Shall Not Be Named

Going Viral part 2 – A Personal Story

In the first part of this article I tried to explore the subtle differences between Viral Marketing and MLM and Network marketing. This time I would like to show an example of a product that I knew was going to go viral and explore what made them so popular

A Real Viral Product goes Global

When I was in living in Israel 4 years ago I saw that a lot of people were wearing a new type of shoe, It looked ugly and clumsy but I was intrigued and asked one guy if I could try his pair on. He then told me how amazing they were and gave me a ten minute sales pitch. I instantly loved them and spent the next few weeks hunting out a shop for a pain my size. This was a lot harder that I had expected because everyone was buying them up and many shops had a long waiting list for the next order. I have quite large feet which made it even more difficult. I finally tracked down a place and bought the last pair. which I wore constantly for 2 years and still wear to this day. I knew that these were going to go global because they were so good. If I was on a commission I would guess I must have been responsible for at least 100 sales due to all the people I recommended them to

A Business Opportunity

When I looked around for Crocs in England no one had even heard of them. At that time I seriously thought about starting a business related to these shoes but I had other commitments and my life was too travel oriented for this to become possible. A year later I bought my second pair at a stall at the county fair. I spent a while chatting to the guy. He has just discovered them 2 months before in America and became an agent. He wanted to buy my shoes so he could show people what they looked like after wearing them everyday for over one year.

The Tipping Point

Over the next two years crocs reached the tipping point and went global and for me the real proof came when my parents arrived for a visit a few days ago and my mum was proudly sporting her first pair. She had laughed at how strange they looked and is now singing their praises just like I was 4 years ago. This is a great example of viral marketing. Crocs spread via word of mouth because they are great shoes. They have a great design, are lightweight and extremely comfortable. They add value to the life of anyone who wears them and it’s the happy customers who do most of the advertising. Now they have created a whole range of products but it is still the original style that continues to be most popular I even saw a great squidoo lens that someone had made that about recycling old crocs. They even had a survey and I became part of the 2%, that said “You’ll never pry my Crocs away from me!”

Get People Passionate

To make anything go viral you need to get people passionate and excited about your product or service, You have to create enough buzz so that people choose to promote what you have to offer so you either have to have a great product or you have to give away something of high enough value to get others talking about it.

Going Viral – Understanding The Difference Between Viral Marketing And MLM

Can you tell the difference?

In this first post I would like to explore just what going Viral means and to point out the difference between MLM pyramid marketing and Viral marketing. They are not the same even though they are often billed as the same.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing leverages the principles of exponential mathematics, In its most simple form its one thing doubling to make two things and then those two things double and you have four things

This is how cells reproduce themselves which is the root principle behind all biological life on this planet. Viral marketing is taking this principle of replication and repeating the process in many different forms and mediums. The intention is to create a type of growth that is independent and continues on its own without any need for external energy input. Something that causes a chain reaction or moves like ripples in a pond spreading outward from the initial event.

Digital Duplication

With the advent of the internet and the ease with which digital media can be reproduced an understanding of the principles of Viral Marketing and advertising becomes very important. What is also important is the ability to distinguish a true viral business as opposed to a pyramid or MLM structure.

Viral Traffic Generators

A few weeks ago I got a message from a friend on facebook, he was offering another one of those viral traffic generators schemes. I don’t normally bother with these things but as I respected this friend I took the time to check out exactly how it worked. I was impressed with this one because it was so clean, and direct and told you exactly how it was going to work. And had an interesting hook that in order to sign up you had to spend 10 seconds on each advert to get a secret code number. It works the same as a chain letter. I realised that if you had your website on here the quality of the traffic would be very low. And most people wouldn’t be interested in buying anything from these websites. I thought that I could add my Blog to the list so that I might interest some of the people clicking on all the links.

A big promise

The Viral Scheme promised millions of visitors so I signed up got my affiliate link and shot out a quick mail to one of my groups. I was a bit wary of promoting something like this but I decided to do it just as a test to see what sort of results I would obtain.

Promises are meant to be Broken?

Anyway, 4 weeks later and I haven’t got the millions of visitors to my site, I have had a few trickle through but overall it has been disappointing. The only viral part of this scheme is the actual viral site itself, not the service it provides. This is what is actually being spread, and the benefits are going only to the owner of this site as they build up a massive list of people who have signed up hoping that their dreams of free traffic would be fulfilled.

Only the Top Promoters Benefit

What I suspect happens in most cases and this is what happens in most MLM and Network marketing companies is that the only people who benefit are those who promote this scheme to thousands of people below them. And because only a few of them will pass it on to their friends, after a while it just fizzles out. If you want to make it work, you need to promote it to people with huge lists who only promote to other people with huge lists who only promote to other people with huge lists. Very soon the mathematics hit a critical point and there is no-one left to promote to.

Unwanted Spam

Any of you who have signed up to a few of the many business groups on facebook are probably sick of all the offers of free traffic that are being touted. The only way you are ever going to get the free traffic is if you promote the scheme with the same vigour and determination as the person who got you interested. What that would result in is a load of unwanted spam, and only trash traffic to your site. which is what is happening right now on facebook, check out my article facebook spam slam for more details. Of course if your niche is MLM or network marketing then you might benefit because you can build a list of gullible people who are attracted by your incredible offers.

Does it add Value?

What you always have to ask is does it add any value. Is what you are promoting giving anything away that will enrich people lives. This is what really differentiates a pyramid scheme from something that has truly gone viral. A viral scheme promotes itself based on its own quality. You have given people something of high enough value that the choose to promote it freely

It Doesn’t Need Pushing it Spread’s on its Own

It doesn’t need constant pushing to get it moving. It spreads because what it is offering is interesting to people and people tell others about it because they enjoyed or benefited. Viral schemes work best when there is no self interest from the referrer it then becomes true word of mouth and social proof rather than affiliate promotion, not that there is anything wrong with affiliate marketing its just that it is not Viral no matter what people try and tell you.

A Pyramid Scheme

Years ago when my dad was made redundant from his Job, he got pulled into an MLM marketing scheme, designed to sell powdered milk. It came from New Zealand and It was actually a great product, it tasted just like normal milk when it was made up and It might possibly have been a success if large supermarkets hadn’t begun selling huge containers of milk for such low prices.

Financial Investment Required

In order to participate my Dad had to pay quite a large sum of money to get all the promotional material, training manuals containers and products. It seemed quite a lot of money for what he actually received, Now he had to go and convince all his friends that they should change their milk drinking habits and buy from him instead of the local milk man (England still had milk delivered daily in those days)

Failure is often Inevitable

I knew my dad was going to fail right from the start, and I think this is what is so sad about most pyramid schemes. Firstly although he had quite a large network of friends and contacts he didn’t have enough who might be interested to join his down line or become regular repeat customers, they might buy once to humour him or just to escape the awkward situation but He is also not a sales type person. I don’t believe he was passionate enough about this product in order to convince others that they should buy it. His motivation was to make money so his opinions were always biased and people could always sense this when he was making his presentations. He also didn’t have the determination to keep at it when things didn’t go as well as he had been promised and so after a couple of months he gave up and we were left drinking up the remains of his product stockpile.

Who takes all the Risk?

This is probably quite a typical example. The company who manufactured this product had hoped that it would go viral since it was very good for people with allergies and worked out cheaper than normal milk. They chose a way to test and promote it that put the burden of the advertising cost on the shoulders of the agents. They extracted money out of people who were often desperate or in difficult financial circumstances and sold them dreams of riches and success. What they forgot to tell everyone is that unless you are a pushy sales type person who can convince and persuade others to join or to buy your product then you actually stand no real chance of making a go of it.

Is it Unethical?

There is something deeply unethical about this type of dealing and which is why I always steer clear of any MLM type offer. Its not that I couldn’t become very successful at it, I probably could, I just wouldn’t want my success built on other peoples failures. I suspect that most people involved in MLM and Pyramid Schemes would not see It this way because they have to convince themselves that the goods and services are of great benefit. They fail to see the underlying mathematics that governs these things and sell people something that they don’t really need or convince them to join a down line without giving them the necessary training they need to succeed.

Win-Win or Lose-Lose?

Most MLM and Pyramid schemes that require an upfront investment to join have always got their bases covered. If you are successful they are happy because you make them more money. If you fail they are happy because you are the one who is carrying the burden of risk and they have all their costs covered by your initial investment.

Viral Wannabees

MLM and Pyramid schemes are always going to be “Viral Wannabees” but they rarely ever really go viral because of the way they are structured, a virus needs to be able to perpetuate and reproduce itself once it has left the parent or host. Any MLM or pyramid scheme that claims to have a viral effect built in is probably lying. Unless they give you all the components to set up your own identical business that could run independently from the original company and you could replicate their marketing strategies without being dependant on them for a key product or resource then you will always be vulnerable and if the parent company fails so do you. What this would be is typified by a franchise and franchises definitely can and do go viral quite easily. A franchise is something totally different, Here you get to be independent and keep all your profits you just buy the blueprint and learning curve from those who have gone before and also get instant brand recognition.

You have to Pay your Dues

If you succeed in MLM then you have to constantly pay your dues along the umbilical up line to people who have done little to deserve it. They profit from your hard work. Of course you can get the same benefits from those below you, which is what makes this type of business proposition so attractive. The people who will always fail are the greedy and the lazy and these are who the marketing of most disreputable companies is aimed at. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great network marketing opportunities and I am sure there are some great companies, but did you every meet any Amway millionaires. You an get moderate success if you have the right type of personality and you enjoy selling and being social. But the statistics show that almost all of the people who start out eventually fail.

Not all MLM’s are the same

To be fair, I don’t want to paint all MLM and network marketing companies with the same brush. I just want people to be more aware of what they are getting into before they sign up. I think extra care needs to be taken in the make money/get more traffic schemes. You need to look carefully to see just how the company proposes to add value to you and to your future customers, some may provide you excellent tools and training but If you can’t clearly see where that value is then it is probably nothing more than a pyramid chain letter trying to scam you. If the company is selling physical products, make sure you try them out yourself first for at least a month, and only put your money if you feel that they live up to their claims and that you can wholeheartedly endorse them. People will always sense your authenticity when you make a pitch or presentation so you need to be sure you fully believe in what you are promoting.

In part two of this article I will discuss a personal story about a product that I knew was going to make it big and how I still to this day passionately endorse it

Creating A Viral Monster

Two days ago a new group was formed on Facebook. It’s name is P.R.I.S.M., some of you might already have joined. I have been tracking the incredible growth of this Viral Monster.

Rapid Growth

Within 24 hours the group had over 200 members and over 100 posts on its wall. Such a rapid growth and so many impressions rippling through facebooks news feeds created a buzz that sucked people into the new group and motivated them to write blogposts, upload videos and share their experiences. At the time of writing this has grown to 422 members and 208 wall posts.

A brand new community has been formed out of nothing


The originator and creator of this group is Brian Campbell, who many of you know from the training videos he’s been releasing. This is the place where the playing field is levelled as Brian announced that he will start giving away a further £15,000 on top of the $10,000 he gave to John Chow. So anyone no matter what their financial circumstance could get access to the same training if they showed they had the motivation and the qualities that are needed to become a member of P.R.I.S.M.

Social Proof

Social Proof is a powerful motivator because for most people because word of mouth recommendation is one of the best forms of advertising. Check out any sales letter on the Internet and you will see testimonials play a major part. If you are new to my blog you may not know that I went into great detail explaining the Power of Testimonials. You can also see all of the SMMS testimonials in one place on my Squidoo Lens. To find out more about using other peoples opinions to establish your reputation check out this insightful post by Stuart Tan. He explores in great detail why recomending people is so important.

Coming Soon

Over the coming days I will give you a behind the scenes look at how Brian made this rapid growth possible and to the conclusion he is ultimately driving towards. If you have read my blog post about scarcity tactics then you will know that there are only limited places available for the Social Media Marketing System. Brian already made a claim that he will make $100,000 from this launch and anyone who has taken advantage of his free training and put it into practice will already be waiting eagerly in anticipation.

Join the First Group Now

Why using Exit Viral Marketing Techniques might Seriously Harm your Business


As I am slowly becoming an expert in viral marketing techniques I thought it only wise to warn a few people of the dangers of joining certain groups like viral traffic explosion on facebook , or anyone who wants you to join a website chain letter based at exitexplosion.com or other similar schemes. While I do not know the actual details of the techniques I believe they work something like this, You add a piece of code to your website, and then submit your URL to the organizers who will then place your website at the bottom of a list of other websites similar to a standard chain letter. The one at the top of the list is removed and then it is up to you to recruit others below you to feed the viral chain. Anyone who has followed 6 degrees of separation will see that if others below you do the same then you are likely to get a lot of traffic to your site by the time you get to the top of the list.


In the meanwhile everyone who leaves your own website will be getting redirected to somewhere else, you are effectively agreeing to a virtual Hijack. This will almost certainly piss off your customers and put them off from ever returning to your site

While I have nothing against the organizers of these groups ( Isuspect they are just a bit naïve) , I feel it is my duty to warn others of the danger to their business reputation and the harm it might do to their website if they follow any schemes such as this.

Having a pop-up on exit code on your site is a very touchy matter. Many people dislike it, many people have popup blockers that will block it, and the scripts that handle it can’t differentiate between someone who opened and then closed a new window to view one page of your site, from someone who actually left the site.


I would like you to look a bit further into the long term possible effects. I hope by now you realise that in your short term greed you might be damaging your long term future. How long do you think it will be before Google decides to black list all websites on which this code is installed. If you have a business or hope to have a business in the future, do you think it can survive and compete successfully if you suddenly find your self wiped from the SERPS and having to pay for all your traffic, months or even years of work can be erased overnight. Google have done similar things in the past , having this code on your sites will be a flag to all the googlebots that you are a spammer . It also wont take long for someone to invent an exit popup blocker that disables Java script and the cookie cache to prevent this method from working anyway, no matter if the organisers tell you its unblockable.

What will your customers think of your business if each time they come to your site they get high jacked and forced to go somewhere they don’t want to.


I can see precisely how this kind of chain letter works on a structural level. I would also like you to think clearly how you plan to use such unfocussed and random traffic is it even going to convert for you. Not withstanding the social implications and the harm that might result, always ask yourself does doing this add any value to the Web. If you do decide to join these schemes, I would strongly urge you to protect yourself by setting up a separate redirect domain on a different hosting than your money site, so if you do get banned then you will only lose a pawn and not your king or queen. But there is no guarantee, remember google hires the top brains in the whole world. Do you really think you can outsmart them?


Another option to consider if you are determined to use exit popups is to get a package like virtual smart agent, at least that type of pop up will add some value to your business and might not piss your customers off so much. While you won’t be harnessing the power of Viral marketing and be getting huge amounts of free traffic, you might be building a more stable long term business and developing real lasting relationships with your customers.

What I hate about so many of these Network Marketing Schemes is that so many unsuspecting people fall prey to their greed and never work out the mathematics or know who is really behind these schemes. Its pretty easy to create a fake profile and a fancy looking website. If you think you areever going to be the spider in the centre of the web, think again you will only ever be the fly caught in the trap, being slowly sucked dry. The real winners are the shady organisers of these schemes who dupe otherwise respectable people into spreading their message to their friends while they are monetising their free traffic by selling spaces on their lists to Viagra Sellers, Internet Porn companies and other Spam “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

Please feel free to copy this article and share to all your friends so they are fully informed of the potential dangers should they ever feel tempted.

Who Am I and Why am I doing this And why I am not going to tell you to meditate for World Peace


Have you ever received one of those emails where you are asked to sit and meditate on a specific day at a certain time when everyone else around the globe will be doing the same. Many of you will have ignored these requests, some of you may have participated but all of you will have noticed that they never seem to get the results that they predict. The people who send out such requests are I am sure well intentioned, but clearly from my perspective they have only utilised one aspect of what I am going to teach, what I will term Viral energetics, but have failed to deliver the method to bring about their desired result, because of their ignorance of using synergistic energetics or synergetics for short. They may have had enough mass due to sheer numbers , but didn’t know what to do with it.


I like the story of the ship that had engine trouble and the ships engineers couldn’t find what the problem was, no matter how hard they tried. The captain became desperate as he had a whole ship of passengers who were not happy that the problem wasn’t being resolved so he called the company who had manufactured the engine and to his great relief they said they would send out their specialist to take a look at the engine and sure enough he was helicoptered onboard the ship and taken down to take a look at the engine room. The engines were running but were making terrible noises and steam was coming out of pipes all over the place. The specialist told everyone to be quiet, as he carefully listened to the engine, He then walked around all the pipes feeling them , He opened the oil filler cap and sniffed inside. He then stepped back and looked at the whole engine room , observing the pipes and pistons and the patterns of steam that was sputtering irregularly.


He then opened his black tool bag that he had been carrying and took out a small hammer. He slowly walked over to the engine and with one small tap he hit one of the pipes that was tangled in the maze of pipes and machinery . The engine sputtered once , made a hiccuup sound and then suddenly returned to Normal, all the irregularities and disturbances had vanished and the engines were back to operating how they were designed to. The specialist turned around, took an invoice pad out of his bag and proceeded to write out a bill for the job and handed it to the Captain. The Captain was shocked when he saw the total was for$10,000. He started to complain to the specialist that it was ridiculous to charge $10,000 just for making a tap with a hammer. “Ok “, said the specialist,” I see your point, I will make you an itemised bill”, he picked up the pad again and scribbled the new invoice and handed it to the captain, on it was written 3 line lines

For supplying and giving a Tap with Hammer $1

For Knowing where to Tap $9999

Total $10,000


I was always hoping to meet other people who had a similar training to myself but as yet no one has crossed my path. I am not going to specifically explain who I am or make any bold claims about what I have accomplished in the past, This will all come out over time as we all get to know each other better, but what I can say is I have spent the last 14 years specifically training for this moment in my life.


I used to be involved with a group of people who were all specialists, they had all chosen to give up their normal lives and come and live together in what can only be termed a laboratory experiment in human consciousness. As with all scientific explorations we had to keep repeating the experiments and refining our equations and hypotheses, and constantly redevelop our theories and models. We were exploring the mechanics of human potential in a group context. In order for this experiment to really be effective all the participants had to be both the scientists and the guinea pigs, it began in 1988 and continues to this day, I became involved in the summer of 1995.

5 years ago the main group disbanded and we all went our separate ways, we all had our own individual missions to fulfil and our own personal lives to bring back into balance and harmony after living so many years out on the edge and in each others pockets. I make no claims that we had solved all of life’s answers, or had created the perfect utopian society in our small community, but what I do claim is that we all became experts in group energy mechanics and how to apply this knowledge to large groups. We used to test what we had discovered at international gatherings and festivals. And in these large group situations we had the most life changing experiences when we acted as the catalyst and focal point for the collective energies of sometimes up to 3000 people. It was always done in the context that we could one day scale up these experiments and shift the consciousness of the Planet.

One thing quickly became apparent in our work, a deeper, more powerful force was guiding and supporting everything we did. We were living the laws of attraction long before it became the popular buzz word that it has become today, magic and miracles were a normal everyday part of our life.