Creating A Viral Monster

Two days ago a new group was formed on Facebook. It’s name is P.R.I.S.M., some of you might already have joined. I have been tracking the incredible growth of this Viral Monster.

Rapid Growth

Within 24 hours the group had over 200 members and over 100 posts on its wall. Such a rapid growth and so many impressions rippling through facebooks news feeds created a buzz that sucked people into the new group and motivated them to write blogposts, upload videos and share their experiences. At the time of writing this has grown to 422 members and 208 wall posts.

A brand new community has been formed out of nothing


The originator and creator of this group is Brian Campbell, who many of you know from the training videos he’s been releasing. This is the place where the playing field is levelled as Brian announced that he will start giving away a further £15,000 on top of the $10,000 he gave to John Chow. So anyone no matter what their financial circumstance could get access to the same training if they showed they had the motivation and the qualities that are needed to become a member of P.R.I.S.M.

Social Proof

Social Proof is a powerful motivator because for most people because word of mouth recommendation is one of the best forms of advertising. Check out any sales letter on the Internet and you will see testimonials play a major part. If you are new to my blog you may not know that I went into great detail explaining the Power of Testimonials. You can also see all of the SMMS testimonials in one place on my Squidoo Lens. To find out more about using other peoples opinions to establish your reputation check out this insightful post by Stuart Tan. He explores in great detail why recomending people is so important.

Coming Soon

Over the coming days I will give you a behind the scenes look at how Brian made this rapid growth possible and to the conclusion he is ultimately driving towards. If you have read my blog post about scarcity tactics then you will know that there are only limited places available for the Social Media Marketing System. Brian already made a claim that he will make $100,000 from this launch and anyone who has taken advantage of his free training and put it into practice will already be waiting eagerly in anticipation.


  1. AnitasPen says:

    Hey Ian,

    Great post as usual! I’m following you for the insider information on Brian’s secrets!

    I am so hyped and on pins and needles waiting for Brian to make his choices!

    Can I say PICK ME??????????

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and I can’t wait to teach it to my group and my followers outside of Facebook.

    My group has grown to 185 in a week, which I think is pretty good and with over 1100 friends on Facebook and an ever growing list of subscribers, the SMMS is just what I need to reach my goal of six figures this year!

  2. My description says:

    You mention Brian in EVERY POST. Why are you so pushy? Why don’t you just publish content and mention him like…ever 3th or 4th post. I think this is what turns off people.

  3. Nickolove Lovemore says:

    Hi Ian,

    This is very exciting. I connected with you via Facebook over the weekend and so heard about Brian Campbell through you.

    Already, the information I have consumed from Brian has changed my thinking regarding Social Media Marketing.

    I’ve listened to several people talk about how great it is and how you should do it but Brian is the first to really shed light on this issue. And you know what they say – darkness and light cannot co-exist.

    So I’m really excited about putting into practice what I’ve learnt thus far. And I’m a little scared as well because what I’ve learnt is just a shaving off the iceberg.

    Thanks for the timely introduction.


  4. Holographic Life Mapping says:

    In Reply to My Description,
    Ok I take your point , I just made 2 post in a row that mention Brian, and the last one was Blatant propaganda. If you have actually read my Blog you will find that it is full of great content and references a lot of other people in Social Media and tackles a lot of different topics related to facebook, Marketing and Social Media. You are obviusly a new reader so I am sorry you feel this way.

    I made it very clear in other posts that I am an affilliate of Brian Campbell and a member of his Social Media Marketing System. Brian is in the middle of a launch and I have been commenting on the Marketing Tactics that he has been using so others can learn from them and apply them in their own business.

    I am glad you made a negative comment, as it gave me the oportunity to explain why I am helping to promote Brian so that people are not under the impression that I am impartial.

    Not Everyone will resonate with Brian Campbell and not everyone will resonate with my style or aproach. You are free to choose not to read what I have written. there are other great teachers who I have no hesistation to recomend. Like Jim Turner, Martin Allsop, Mari Smith, Travis Greenlee, Don Crowther, Adam Urbanski, but you may find that not all of them will be giving so much away for free.

  5. soliloquise1 says:

    I personally LOVE Brian’s approach. It is intriguing, smart and appeals to many people on many, many levels.
    Before I got ill ( I have M.E ) I worked in mental health and am tained in psychology. This makes the process all the more fascinating to me 😀

    Brian is likeable and that is why he is successful. He alsoseems sincere and genuinely wants others to succeed. His concept and theory of ” when others prosper so do I ” is lacking in modern day business. That is the key to his success, alongside his clever psychological techniques. The world is hard and scary, and Brian makes it feel that anyone using his techniques can succeed without crushing other people. Ethical business…. how coul it go wrong?

  6. soliloquise1 says:

    Ack, it is 2am here… apologies for the typos !!

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