Going Viral Part 3 – Making it Big on the Internet

Viral Video’s can make people laugh and also Spend

Viral Video on the internet has been the latest trend for marketers and advertisers,

One of the greatest forms of viral marketing comes through humour. Some videos are obviously just to make people laugh but others have been carefully crafted as part of a viral marketing campaign. And with paid video upload services like HeySpread and TrafficGeyser Its easy for anyone to get their videos massive exposure. Which can then draw floods of traffic to your business and websites.

One of the best examples I have seen is the Will it Blend campaign from Blend Tec where the host puts an ipod in a blender and shows how powerful the Blend Tec blender is in a very funny way. They have had over 5,000,000 views for this one alone. They have made a whole series blending lots of unusual things.

The Bionic Burger is another great example from the Best Day Ever, a health company that promotes its own membership site after their viral video exposes the dangers of eating processed food. Over 1,000,000 views and rising.

The value they add to a persons life can be education or entertainment, bringing a smile to someone’s face automatically associates your product or brand with that positive feeling . Guess what name will first come to mind next time your customer wants to buy something.

Twitter Whore or Twitter Bore

Another great viral marketing tool that is being used a lot is Twitter. One of the things I like to do with twitter is follow people who have a sense of humour Like Fran Kern or his buddy Jason Moffat, I am always clicking on Jason’s tweets because he often finds very amusing things and interesting websites. What he is doing is promoting his reputation as being a joker, rebel and surf bum and gets lots of fans this way plus a lot of traffic to his websites that promote his own video marketing business. His tweets go viral because people like me pass the best ones onto my other friends. And I am sure there are hundreds of others who do the same. A great one that he recommended recently was Twitter Whore. If you have spent any time on twitter you will enjoy it a lot. Here Lisa Nova cleverly manages to promote herself on Twitter and has pulled in over 300,000 views on this video alone

John Reese loves Twitter

When I first started this Blog I wrote about one of my Internet mentors, John Reese and how he got 5000 people on facebook to make friends with him within one week and then his buddy Ed Dale told him to get into Twitter, and he migrated and never really came back. At that time only about 1500 of Johns Fans on facebook followed him over. Yesterday John broke the 3000 barrier on twitter so I took the opportunity to shoot over a quick question

Ian_chapman @johnreese congrats on reaching 3000 friends. Do you use twitter because it is more viral than facebook or just more friendly?

johnreese @ian_chapman I do more with Twitter because it’s naturally a better communications tool. Easier for conversations and consuming new info

John Just announced the launch date of Traffic Secrets 2 and he has promised some free videos to promote the launch with. This will be one to watch. As Johns last major project didn’t live up to his expectations as he openly admits on his blog he has been taking the time to ensure that this next offering will . Maybe one of the reasons is that Blog Rush tended too far towards MLM and never had the viral effects that John obviously wanted built into its design. The free video’s for the product launch are sure to go Viral so keep your eye’s open they will be coming soon.

Tubby Nerd

Ed dale is another avid twitterer and also Viral Marketing expert, he has a horde of followers who track his every move because they know they can learn from someone who is so successful on the Internet. in his 30 day challenge last year his partner Dan Raine shared this on his Blog as he analysed his own success and described the way to build and launch a viral business online

“A real viral site usually has a high peak of sales at the beginning, but due to its offerings manages to create buzz. This buzz (and incentives) cause people to promote the site, and with a bit of luck you get growth, and finally long-term stability. Now every viral site goes through a decrease in numbers and a softening of the buzz and requires a bit of a re-launch at times to help stimulate the market again” http://www.15kchallenge.com/blog/

Ed and Dan are beginning the 30 day challenge pretty soon so if you want to get some tips from some of the best follow what they are up to

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