How Brian Campbell Read My Mind, or did I Read His?

I have just finished watching Brian Campbell’s excellent new video series on about how to use Facebook
for growing your business and was surprised to see that he just outlined exactly the strategies that I have been using on Facebook over the past weeks. What is interesting is that although I have been doing exactly what he describes already I haven’t been able to formulate it into a system In the way that he has done, I just don’t have his marketing background or training. I am a total facebook newbie, only 3 weeks, how did I become an expert so fast, and how did I know what strategies to adopt without even thinking about them? What I do understand is that although I have only exchanged a few emails and messages with Brian, it is clear to both of us that we are working from the same page. Its not like he read my mind or that I read his mind, there is only one mind and we both have access to it and act accordingly to its guidance and Instructions. I have been consciously activating my connection and have been amazed at the results that have just flowed from it. If you want to finf out more be sure to join my group on facebook,

“Build a Synergetic Network and Virally Explode your Business Potential”

Brian already knows what a viral monster he had just created and can’t wait for this 37 day challenge to end when he can really untie his hands and start leveraging his already amazing results by engaging his ownpersonal lists and other marketing secrets that he has yet to share. Make sure you go and check out the videos before its too late, only the first 1000 people will get free access

Brian’s free videos about Internet marketing on facebook


  1. Hi Ian,

    Great Blog Post! I’m glad you are enjoying the videos. Your perspective on the spiritual side of my demonstration has been very insightful and I’ve enjoyed that very much.

    I too have been staying consciously connected to the Universal mind. I feel that what I’m sharing is the collective consciousness of the cutting edge of social networking that people are starting to wake up to.

    I look forward to working with you, and I love the name of your facebook group “Build a Synergistic Network and Virally Explode your Business Potential”

    That’s probably the nest group name I’ve heard yet! It hits all my hot buttons.


  2. Holographic Life Mapping says:

    thanks Brian, looking forward to what will happen next.

    this is also what happened
    Brian sent you a message.

    Re: Welcome to the unkown

    I just posted a comment on your blog. When I hit reply, I noticed it was 11:11. Talk about synchronicity!


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