"How much money do you want?"

“How much money do you want?”

Among other things I’m a musician and one of the ways I used fund my travels was to play music, it was also a great way of meeting people and also improving my playing and I loved the feeling it gave me when I had touched people in their lives.

8 years ago I spent a year travelling around the Balkans, and used to enjoy going into these old beautiful towns and playing music on market days. This story takes place in Split, one of the major cities half way down the Croatian coast.

I had been playing for about half an hour, The street was bustling and I was enjoying myself when a complete stranger came and stood in front of me and asked, “How much do you want?”

He was an old man around 60, Tough looking but quite well dressed, he had on several large gold rings

“What?” I said, I looked at this old man taken aback by what he had just asked me. He Repeated the question again in his Balkan accented English,

“How much money do you want, How much?” I was shocked as I looked at him and even more shocked when he opened his jacket and took out a Wad of notes an inch thick.

“How Much?” he said again for the fourth time. My mouth was opening and closing like a fish, I was completely stumped and at a loss for words. He held out the money to me urging me to help myself. I still didn’t do anything, I just stood there staring dumbly at him, wondering if this was some sort of joke or that he might be about to mug me or something. He saved me by peeling several notes from the block he held in his hand and stuffed them into my pocket. He then proceeded to walk away down the crowded narrow street, leaving me speechless but also excited.

I am remembering this lesson now as I observe what is happening in my life again, I am being given a huge opportunity and it basically up to me what I make of it. When opportunity comes knocking at the door I want to be ready to say yes. This is how I feel again when I see what Brian Campbell is offering in his Internet Marketing University, I knew something like this was coming, I just didn’t know what form it would take.

Don’t be like me 8 years ago and sit there with your mouth opening and closing, paralysed with inaction or you will be left only with the crumbs from what is going to be a sumptuous banquet. Participate, communicate and learn, don’t worry about the money, that is only a side product of being successful, that will come with time and persistence and with using each others talents in positive creative ways.

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