How To Use Facebook Insights On Your Website Or Blog

Are you using FB Insights On Your Site ?

Most people trying their luck with online marketing find themselves asking
“Why did that happen, what did I post that worked (or didn’t work), how many likes did it generate?”
Most people use Facebook Insights to monitor the success of a Fan Page, but. . .

Few people know that you can use Facebook Insights on your blog and your website’s landing pages

Stop Guessing And Start Marketing With Precision

Facebook insights will give you almost “psychic insight” into the age range of your sites visitors, male to female ratio,  and which country they are from.

Facebook Insights  will give you the ability to track:

  1. How many people are liking your posts.
  2. The extra exposure that each like gives you on Facebook.
  3. How many people are clicking on the links to your site, that have been shared on Facebook.
  4. Which times of day are getting you the most amount of viral traffic.
  5. Which type of posts your readers are responding to.

Here is your action plan

Step 1: Install Facebook Analytics on your site (video tutorial here)

Step 2: Write a new blog post for your subscribers

Step 3. Use Facebook Insights to see what is getting you most traction

In combination with your Google Analytics this gives you a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal.

The only question is now, are you going to take action. . .?

To Your Success

Ian David Chapman

PS: Definitely worth the 5 mins it takes to install

Grab The Instructions To Install FB Insights On Your Website Here

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