Internet Milionare Postponed his Success

About Me

My name is Ian Chapman, I have spent the last 14 years plumbing the depths of human consciousness and have now returned from my explorations and hope to share some of the insights I have gained. Its quite amusing for me to see myself using the internet as the platform for this next step and also a test to see how disciplined I can be to use the technologies and not allow them to use me.

My Journey

My journey began 14 years ago in India when I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening. It was like someone had just turned on the electricity for the first time. One day I was an average underachiever university graduate, the next I was catapulted into a universe that I had only dreamed about. Why me? Well, I am still asking myself that question. I ended up undertaking a long spiritual training across a variety of disciplines.

Internet Millionaire?? Maybe Later….

I guess the most interesting thing that happened at the beginning was that I had a very strong vision while I was in Kathmandu, of using the internet to network businesses together and was given the blueprints for Online shops and Auction sites. This was back in 1995 when the internet almost didn’t exist and no-one had even thought about Amazon or Ebay. I probably could have pulled it off if that was what I was supposed to do ( I was programming machine code on the Comodore 64 when I was 14 and taught computer studies at my school because I knew more than the teacher) also My Dad and Brother are both in the computer Industry.

Other Work To Do

My dreams of being an internet millionaire were postponed, I Had other work to do and other higher level programming languages to learn and the whole inner universes to explore. I spent many years living and working with a group of people who were focussed on collectively exploring human consciousness and how it operates through groups and familys and how to recreate tribal group consciousness within ourselves. We were guided into dreamwork and shamanic type explorations and also synthesized both ancient and modern teachings. We began to see the symbolic link between our inner and outer life and how our dreams were playing out in front of our very eyes if we were awake enough to observe this. All the time we were guided by a force much greater than ourselves and our focus was very much oriented towards serving others. Which is why we focalised healing and spiritual development workshops at several international gatherings all over Europe.


Recently I have become more involved in Yoga and Mediataion as these seem to be easier bridges to share my experiences with others. As I have matured I have stopped trying to impose my beliefs on others and learned to just hang back a little, those that are ready will understand, those that aren’t won’t.

The past few years I have been also been deepening my relationship with my Family and my Girlfriend Solveig, We bought a house on Bornholm, a small beautifull Danish island just south of Sweeden and will convert it into a Yoga and retreat centre.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogg and post your thoughts and comments.


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