Rich Schefren – A Viral Master Who Can Predict The Future?

A Launch Like No Other

Last week Rich Schefren spent  26 hours live on upstream TV to promote his latest free report,  The Uncertainty Syndrome and his new G.P.S, (Guided Profit System) coaching program.   In this article I will  analyse some of  his  marketing tactics that he has adopted for this launch, and briefly summarise the main points in the report.

I would urge anyone to check out Rich Schefrens material. He is known as the Guru’s Guru and is a student of world renowned business advisor and marketing wizard  Jay Abraham.

A Viral Master Who Can Predict The Future

Rich is a master of Viral Marketing and his previous reports like  The Internet Business Manifesto and Attention Age Doctrine have become landmarks in the online marketing world as he carefully analysed and pinpointed the trends and shifts  in the rapidly changing  online world, and the steps businesses need to take in order to respond and adapt or find themselves left behind.

Timing Is Everything

Rich has left  enough time for  the recent Stompernet launch  to quiet down giving  him the platform to  grab everyone’s  attention. With so many people jaded by the constant stream of product launches  his 26 hour Marathon was something a bit different that made him stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Build The Excitement

His report went live at 12.00noon EST, He used a countdown timer on his Blog to build anticipation and anyone who follows him on Twitter will have seen his tweets that were intended to  tease and titilate us and get us in the right mindset to consume his next offering. His friends  at Stompernet  also mailed to their list so you can be sure that anyone who has expressed an interest were well  primed about this report.

Over Deliver On Bonuses And Create An Irresistible Offer

Rich has been using Mike Filsaimes strategy for virally spreading his report. By offering free bonuses for each friend you invite. He is making an irresistible offer to get people to tell their friends.

Build Credibility

On Opening the report you are faced with a 3 page  introduction from marketing heavyweight Jay Abraham. Rich has always been an advocate of piggy backing and here he uses it again by getting his mentor to introduce him and build his own credibility. Not that he really needs any more building up. Rich’s client list is like a who’s who of the internet marketing world.

Amplify The Pain

The next 8  pages are “amplifying your pain”. Here he is trying to connect with an entrepreneurs frustrations. By showing he understands their problems and that he has the solution. Remember Rich is ultimately trying to sell a coaching program he needs to connect deeply with those who need his help.

Leisure Phobia – Are You A Sufferer?

Rich nails some of the main problems that those who run their own business face and their inability to disconnect with their work and give attention to other areas of their life

Create Your Own Terminology

Leisure Phobia is the new term that he has coined. Rich is famous for inventing new terminology and words that will  always link back to him as their originator. Rich is again establishing himself as A Maven To Pay Attention To.

Identify The Real Issues

Page 12 Introduces the main concept of his report,  that the actual success of your business is determined by the  constraints you place around it.

“The ONLY way to turn your potential for success into actual success is to blow away the constraints in your business that are actually blocking your path”

Rich also points to an interesting truth that  “The pain that a constraint causes is rarely felt at the point of that constraint but somewhere else in the process”

Rich breaks these constraints down into 3 main category’s

Errors in thinking, Errors in Procedures and Self imposed constraints.

Offer The Solution To The Problem

The solutions that he offers are termed 7 silver bullets and form the remainder of his report.

  • Do it wrong fast – Action Creates Clarity

  • Fast  and Frequent Intelligence  – Avoid Flying Blind

  • Learn to view  your business as one large system – Avoid  Linear Thinking

  • Use Timesavers to instantly double your profits  –  Avoid Inefficient work styles

  • Create a worldwide network of A list players – don’t be alone and lost in a networked world.

  • Embrace the awesome power of social psychology marketing – avoid outdated one way marketing

  • Rip The Lid Off Your Buyers Bottlenecks

Sell On The Back End

Rich has built his  multimillion dollar business  without any front end product. He uses his free reports and other marketing techniques to convince people to join his coaching program. Rich  freely share for 26 Hours everything he has to offer and then follows up with emails and more exciting offers that

Showing The Human Side

Everything  Rich does is carefully planned to reveal  the human side of his business.  He gives you  a  behind the scenes view of his office,  and you even get to  meet his  wife and two daughters emphasising that fact that he is a family man. He’s also not doing this for the money, he already has plenty, he is motivated because he is passionate about what he does and loves to help others succeed.

Office Arguments

He even tells you  about arguments that took place in his office when his staff were deciding  what should be included in the final version of the manuscript. Everything is carefully orchestrated to build rapport to the point where you really  feel like you know, like and trust this guy

Viral Visibility is Key

Rich makes his reports so good and reveals such quality information that they go viral straight away. Anyone who has read any of his work will know what I am talking about, it’s the sort of thing you want to be the first to tell your friends so they will thank you for putting them onto it.

Rich Makes Himself Available

Rich did an amazing thing at the beginning of this launch, he went live on ustream TV for 26 hours and gave a constant stream of quality advice and business coaching to all who had tuned in. Not only was he showing just what he had to offer by  revealing  the depth and breadth of his experience he was also building powerful  relationships with all his potential future clients; Over 27,000 people participated in this monumental event and they averaged 1000 viewers at any one time.

Are You Competitive?

Rich also ran a competition on his blog, giving away a free scholarship to his coaching program. Not only does this force people to actually read his report and start applying its principles, it  further increases the viral buzz   and allows him to perform one of the essential tasks  that Jeff Walker Identifies in his Product Launch Formula and that is to survey you customers and ask them what their main problems are.  You then use this feedback to  tailor your product and sales letter to directly address the issues that seem most prevalent  he has already  received  over 400 entries to his competition at the time of writing.

Feedback Formula

Rich  insists on feedback from his clients to constantly improve his services, he has  applied this principle throughout the whole launch process and really builds those personal relationships even to the point of  emailing all those who make comments on his blog.

Teleseminar  With The Wizard

With Less than 48 hours to the opening of his coaching program,  his final offering is a  teleseminar with Marketing Wizard Jay Abraham, one of Rich’s teachers and personal  mentors. Make sure you book your place as it is likely to fill up fast,   Grab Your Spot Here

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  1. Hey Ian,
    Excellent analysis of Rich Schefren’s marketing strategy. I love studying this stuff.

    The free bonus offers work – I definitely forwarded his ebook to 5 friends because I wanted those bonuses.

    The excellent value of his free ebook definitely creates a sense of loyalty – especially after his 26 hour marathon!

    He definitely set himself apart with that one.

    Great post, again.
    I appreciate you.
    Dali Burgado

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