Sacrifice and Giving away part 2

A Social Movement

Facebook and social networking are going to be a new platform that will bring change to the world, Mark Zukerberg is a visionary and understands that what he has created is a huge social movement. If the six degrees of separation experiment had been performed by someone who understood the need to control the distribution network then they would have an email list of 4 million people. It would be a valuable list for any marketer and also a valuable tool for any spiritual revolutionaries like myself . , If you have read my blogg post, knowing where to tap then you will understand that you, my small social network are my small hammer that If I tap in the right place will have huge effects to the whole global consciousness engine. The affluent and powerful decision makers of the world are now accessible for the first time to anyone who understands how to use the system.

Customer relationships

Now getting back to what I began this discussion about which is how to adopt the sacrifice and service mindset in our lives and in our businesses. If you look at some of then recent trends in retailing it is clear that companies that focus on the needs of their customers and develop relationships with them will always be more successful than those that just see their customers as something to extract as much money as they can from.

People are your Business

I would like to keep our focus on our immediate social network level before we get into direct business strategies. Let’s take some of the everyday interactions on facebook and see how they can be enhanced with this new knowledge. Remember your extended social network probably contains your customer base, your future business partners and potential employees. What can you do to start building those relationships in a strategic way right now that might not give you huge rewards immediately but will pay off in the long run?

Practical Exercise

For those of you who want a practical exercise here is a small project to complete. Set yourself a deadline so you can define a clear timeframe by which you will have carried out all the steps. I then want you to leave some feedback and comments on what you have discovered about yourself and any exciting or interesting things that happened. Either leave them on the blogg or add them under this post on the group page

Step 1

I want you to take a look at your friends list and pick 3 people at random who you would like to develop a deeper relationship with. Preferably people who you don’t know very well. Now for each person, I want you to make a list of all the things that you think you might be able to get out of that friendship, what qualities and talents do they have that you need for your business or personal development. Go into as much detail as possible, and imagine how happy you would be getting that person to give you what you want.

Step 2

Now I want you to hold that list up, and rip it into pieces and forget completely the Idea that you are going to benefit in any way, throw the bits away or burn them.

Step 3

The next step is to go and message each person and find ask them what you can give to them, Develop a conversation and offer to help them. Make sure you are fully adopting an attitude of wanting nothing in return. You are going to offer your help, advice or services completely for free. Just out of the goodness of your heart.

Step 4

Leave feedback, this is probably the most important part of this exercise because you are then giving away something of lasting value to this community, you are sharing your insights and experiences so that others might benefit. Do not omit this step!

Potential Problems

Now some of you might hit against some snags in that the other people don’t trust you, they suspect you have some ulterior motive or want to sell them something. I want you to observe how that makes you feel, and also try and work out a way to change your behaviour so that you are seen as being genuine. Be totally honest, and if all else fails tell them about the exercise you are doing and why.

Deliberately Breaking The Rules

What you may discover is that most people who network always have a desire for some beneficial outcome for themselves. This attitude limits the possibilities of the relationship, everyone knows the rules and the social interactions become more like a business deal each person making sure they get an equal exchange for what they are giving. What you are doing is deliberatly breaking the rules.


  1. Thank you Ian for shifting my consciousness and supporting my shift in practicing these principles in my life and business affairs.
    I know that the strongest relationships will be formed this way. I cannot thank you enough.
    Tina Schraier

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