Why using Exit Viral Marketing Techniques might Seriously Harm your Business


As I am slowly becoming an expert in viral marketing techniques I thought it only wise to warn a few people of the dangers of joining certain groups like viral traffic explosion on facebook , or anyone who wants you to join a website chain letter based at exitexplosion.com or other similar schemes. While I do not know the actual details of the techniques I believe they work something like this, You add a piece of code to your website, and then submit your URL to the organizers who will then place your website at the bottom of a list of other websites similar to a standard chain letter. The one at the top of the list is removed and then it is up to you to recruit others below you to feed the viral chain. Anyone who has followed 6 degrees of separation will see that if others below you do the same then you are likely to get a lot of traffic to your site by the time you get to the top of the list.


In the meanwhile everyone who leaves your own website will be getting redirected to somewhere else, you are effectively agreeing to a virtual Hijack. This will almost certainly piss off your customers and put them off from ever returning to your site

While I have nothing against the organizers of these groups ( Isuspect they are just a bit naïve) , I feel it is my duty to warn others of the danger to their business reputation and the harm it might do to their website if they follow any schemes such as this.

Having a pop-up on exit code on your site is a very touchy matter. Many people dislike it, many people have popup blockers that will block it, and the scripts that handle it can’t differentiate between someone who opened and then closed a new window to view one page of your site, from someone who actually left the site.


I would like you to look a bit further into the long term possible effects. I hope by now you realise that in your short term greed you might be damaging your long term future. How long do you think it will be before Google decides to black list all websites on which this code is installed. If you have a business or hope to have a business in the future, do you think it can survive and compete successfully if you suddenly find your self wiped from the SERPS and having to pay for all your traffic, months or even years of work can be erased overnight. Google have done similar things in the past , having this code on your sites will be a flag to all the googlebots that you are a spammer . It also wont take long for someone to invent an exit popup blocker that disables Java script and the cookie cache to prevent this method from working anyway, no matter if the organisers tell you its unblockable.

What will your customers think of your business if each time they come to your site they get high jacked and forced to go somewhere they don’t want to.


I can see precisely how this kind of chain letter works on a structural level. I would also like you to think clearly how you plan to use such unfocussed and random traffic is it even going to convert for you. Not withstanding the social implications and the harm that might result, always ask yourself does doing this add any value to the Web. If you do decide to join these schemes, I would strongly urge you to protect yourself by setting up a separate redirect domain on a different hosting than your money site, so if you do get banned then you will only lose a pawn and not your king or queen. But there is no guarantee, remember google hires the top brains in the whole world. Do you really think you can outsmart them?


Another option to consider if you are determined to use exit popups is to get a package like virtual smart agent, at least that type of pop up will add some value to your business and might not piss your customers off so much. While you won’t be harnessing the power of Viral marketing and be getting huge amounts of free traffic, you might be building a more stable long term business and developing real lasting relationships with your customers.

What I hate about so many of these Network Marketing Schemes is that so many unsuspecting people fall prey to their greed and never work out the mathematics or know who is really behind these schemes. Its pretty easy to create a fake profile and a fancy looking website. If you think you areever going to be the spider in the centre of the web, think again you will only ever be the fly caught in the trap, being slowly sucked dry. The real winners are the shady organisers of these schemes who dupe otherwise respectable people into spreading their message to their friends while they are monetising their free traffic by selling spaces on their lists to Viagra Sellers, Internet Porn companies and other Spam “Get Rich Quick” schemes.

Please feel free to copy this article and share to all your friends so they are fully informed of the potential dangers should they ever feel tempted.


  1. Rheyanna Arliss says:

    Nice article from someone that runs a group that is a Mafia. You have a group that you do not even let your members advertise and you are bashing other people. I am the owner of the group you are bashing and I thank you for your concern. This is a private group so that I can keep a little control on who is next. I take down the URL and put up the next one. I invite small amounts of traffic so it does not get out of control.As I deliver to these people what I told them I would they will come here and post a nice comment for you as well. Why don’t you ask questions before you assume. Maybe Google will someday block script codes, Have you ever linked to a farm not knowing that Google would penalize you years down the road. Please do leave this post up, I will be sure to get you some comments. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Rheyanna Arliss
    Be sure to visit and check out all the social networks that I belong to, You will find nothing but kindness!

  2. Rheyanna Arliss says:

    Dear Ian,
    I made a comment on your blog a little while ago after reading it with my eyes half shut. I took it out of text to some degree and thought that you were saying that “I” myself would not deliver to my own group. Everything on the net is meant to help the creator leverage in some way. Just as any group on Facebook or any place else. That is why it is created in the first place. I hope you have a kind day.
    Rheyanna Arliss

  3. Holographic Life Mapping says:

    Me and Rheyanna exchanged messages all day long and she finally calmed down after being very angry, She has since place a warning on her group explaining to people the dangers after she did a bit of research on her own. I had no intention to discredit Rheyanna Arliss or damage her reputation, only to make her accounatble for her actions as a group owner. And more aware of the potentially ulterior motives of certain unscrupulous business people.

    we are now back on good terms, I will not erase her post but will keep it on here as a souvenir, my first negative comment.

    I had 3 people personally message me with positive comments about my post

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