Brian Cambell, 37 day Mastermind on Facebook

Brian Campbell 37 day challenge – Creating The Mastermind.

Brian has started to leverage his friends on facebook, He first started with a call for an attorney to get some more expert advice about how to proceed, Now he has made a call to other experts to join him and share in his forthcoming success. He is wise enough to realise that he can’t do everything by himself and even though he has his own team of employees, he needs a more specialised group for this next step. He is implementing a strategy recommended by Jay Abraham which is to create a Mastermind Group around him. In effect a virtual team of individuals who are all working together for each others mutual advantage.

I am doing this right now by writing this blog post, Brian has encouraged all his friends to help him and also showed that even by just blogging about what he is doing we help him and also help ourselves by being the first to reveal our personal stories and success by following his group strategy.

Brian has already started to create the group Hologram by asking everyone to focus their energy and intent towards him. He is bringing cohesion and as each individual joins and actually participates they will start to see where they themselves fit into the puzzle and can play their own part. The beauty is that everyone can share in the pie and it is not just a financial pie that is being offered, that was just Brians trick to get our attention.


Clarity and understanding will only come to those who participate, if you only watch from the sidelines you might understand on an intellectual level what is going on but will not have developed the relationships with actual people and this is the real long term value.

Short term winners, Long term losers

Anyone who abuses the structure and only wants attention for self promotion will always end up being short term winners but long term losers, selfishness is quickly dealt with on facebook, you can exclude someone with a click of the mouse and word travels very quickly. Spammers are not tolerated for very long.

Group Mind

I predict that as groups and networks are formed, people who have the same purpose will naturally cluster together share resources and have access to what I term the holographic group mind. What this means is that you open to the collective wisdom of the group and start to experience higher levels of creativity and thinking. To fully access this mode of being you need to adopt the right attitude which starts with asking yourself how you can be of service to others. A second major mindset is to know that you will be rewarded for your actions and therefore don’t have to worry about money all the time.

Financial Freedom

If you focus only on personal financial gain you lose the full benefit of the group energy because you have become self centred. Start by thinking what you can do to help others make money, you will always be rewarded in the end. Money is actually only one very small and limited potential that is available and is maybe the first stumbling block that most people get stuck on. Financial freedom has to be developed strategically and also with a clear understanding of what your strategy is going to cost you. Becoming a slave to your business won’t make you happy or the world a better place.

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