Brian Cambell and his 37 day Challenge on Facebook

Brian Campbell and his 37 day Challenge on Facebook

Brian Cambell has been creating quite a buzz on Facebook in the last two weeks, by setting up a group called the Internet Marketing University. He is keeping his real strategies somewhat secret and is only giving out information as and when it becomes necessary. Brian Campbell is an Internet Marketer who has 100,000 people on his list and has generated $2 million in sales so he knows what he is talking about, but he is also doing this stunt to show people some of the deeper spiritual values that he lives his life by. That abundance is available for everyone if they just choose to allow themselves to have it.

Virtual Company

Anyone who is watching closely what he is doing can maybe have a few ideas about the magnitude of his plans and understand why he is so excited and also why he is building a mastermind group of people around him. Basically a virtual company of individuals who are joining forces for their own mutual benefit. Brian already revealed his strategy for growing a list of friends quickly, I have been doing it the old fashioned way and now have over 200 friends. Brians technique is to leverage your own friends and to help each other.

Leverage your Friends

Each person recommending friends to each other so that everyone’s list grows quicker. I have just started to implement this strategy myself and already new friends are being sent to my inbox, anyone who wants to partner up can contact me on http:/ . My main concern about this startegy is that I want to really meet everyone who becomes my friend on facebook, I am meeting such amazing people everyday and I need to know which ones are the most important, That is why I am keeping a notebook in and tracking all the people who stand out so I can have a core of talented people who I can build a stronger realationship with. and ultimately join forces with.

Brian Reveals the real reason Marketers are so excited

On one of his training videos Brian revealed one of the most important aspects of using Facebook and how you can create a very targeted list of people in your own niche by using some of the application that you can ad to your account on Facebook.

As I have been studying what applications all the top marketers have on their profiles this little piece of information blew me away when I realised its actual potential and also how Facebook might start regulating usage of these types of functions if too many unscrupulous people start using them. I am not going to reveal anything more right now,

Keep control of your own Business

Facebook is all about sharing and networking, there is a huge potential to build your own business there but Brian warns of the danger of having someone else controlling your contact list. It is too easy for Facebook to shut someone down overnight if the choose to do so and Brian has already been warned for moving too quickly. He suggests using Facebook as a gateway and access point to bring people to your own website where you can then have total control over the interaction.

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