Brian Campbells Scarcity Tactics – fact or fiction?

What you are going to get in the next few weeks is a blow by blow analysis of the psychology behind everything Brian Campbell is doing with his upcoming launch on Facebook when he re-releases the Social Media Marketing System

You will see him pull in $100,000 or more using some simple and effective strategies that anyone can adopt in any niche once you understand the principles

Scarcity Tactics

So lets start of with a quick lesson in scarcity tactics and how powerful these can be. Marketing works best when you tap into the deepest primal human emotions, like the desire for sex, the lust for power or the hunger for food. Scarcity tactics play on the last one , Hunger. Make people hungry for what you have to offer, tease them with the anticipation of the future banquet, show them some of the food, let them smell it and taste a little and you will have your customers salivating and eager when you announce the start of the feast. Make the number of seats limited and exclusive and you make it even more attractive, make them queue up and wait to get in to build the anticipation even further. Everyone knows how nightclubs and top restaurants use this to great effect

Limited Places

I will be looking at how Brian is adopting these tactics and explaining why they are so powerful

If you look at the wall on the group page, you can see Brian made a post about there being limited places on this program. Believe it or not but this is actually true. Many other marketers manufacture this feeling of scarcity to get prospective customers to act faster and to create a higher perceived value and a feeling of exclusivity. It’s the same tactic an artist makes when they produce a limited series. It feels different If you know that you own one of 50 copies, instead of something that has been mass produced and less rare. Take the famous example of the stamp collector who bought the only other copy of the stamp that he owned and then burnt it, Instantly making his more valuable.


Brian is in a doubly powerful position because he can still apply this same tactic and turn into a huge advantage for the members. He can leverage the scarcity and uniqueness of what he is offering and also the quality, No one else teaches what Brian teaches and no other group of people are working together in this synergistic way. We are right on the cutting edge of what is destined to be the next big thing on the Internet. And everyone who joins will truly reap the benefit in the future because they got in first. The viral nature of Social media rewards those who are first and those who are big. If you come late, you will find yourself competing against people who have huge friend lists, and a marketing system set up that leverages their own social power and the power of their close associates.

I will be expanding a lot on this concept in a later post. When I explain to you why you would be insane not to take part in this amazing opportunity


The Scarcity tactic has another major determining factor and that is how much competition there is. When Brian started and made his $10,000 claim, no one had heard of him, he had a much smaller network on Facebook than he does now, and only those who had been following him were interested in joining his program. If you have 250 places and only 1000 potential buyers it is very different to having 250 places and 100,000 potential buyers which is the situation he is in now. Just wait to see what happens when he launches to the whole internet.

Limited Quantity

He is in a position of strength and that is why he could safely make the $100,000 claim. Brian is a world class mathematician and knows statistics inside out, He wouldn’t set a target he couldn’t reach and I personally think $100,000 is a bit conservative. Brian’s old business used to pull $100,000 per month so he is definitely no stranger to large numbers. Remember that his hero and role model is John Reese, the man who made $1,000,000 in one day, selling Traffic Secrets and made 5000 friends in 1 week on Facebook. John used the scarcity tactics to great effect by inviting all the top internet marketers to a seminar, got them to share their secrets and videoed the whole thing and then sold 1000 copies for $1000 each and selling out within 24 hours.

This time Brian is marketing not just to Facebook but to his own list of 30,000 people. He has already developed a relationship with this list and they will be eager to buy because they know that Brian always over delivers. He has also lined up several Joint Venture partners who will be marketing to their own huge lists, making the competition for the limited places much stronger.

Limited Time

The reason you want to activate the scarcity program in a customer is that you want to motivate people to take action. I can guarantee that Brian will be rewarding those who act quickly, by limiting the time available to make the decision ( another powerful scarcity tactic). He did something similar when he made his first $20,000, by making an offer that was too good to miss. I saw a great example of this yesterday when I listened to Stuart Tan host a teleseminar with Morgana Rey, and at the end Morgana offered half an hour of free coaching to anyone who bought her book and CD program for $100. Her normal coaching fee is $350 per hour and she used the scarcity tactic masterfully by telling everyone that her price will be increasing to $500 per hour very soon. And also this offer was limited to 24 hours so anyone who wanted to take advantage of it would have to act straight away. What a great way to sell yourself and also attract new clients and get more people interested in what you have to offer. She repeated the scarcity on time again by mailing her friends and telling them that the Audio recording o f the teleseminar would only be kept up for an unspecified limited period. If you want to hear the teleseminar here is the link.

Pre Selling

This tactic works best when the prospects are pre sold and already know about what is on offer. This is why Brian will be releasing 10 hours of free training so that you know before hand just what you will be getting and you will have the chance to test the strategies out for yourselves. He will back up his training with the testimonials of other members like me who are already on the inside. You wouldn’t have joined this group if you weren’t a bit curious about what Brian is up to, Ihope you have also noticed that I have been pre selling you right now in this article

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Look out for my next post, and remember I might be deleting these posts every couple of days, so you will have to keep checking back regularly to make sure you don’t miss something important. I might not be able to message everyone when I make a new post due to facebooks limitations and restrictions. This analysis will be used as case study in our group launch training.

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  1. Thanks for all that information Ian. I personally know that scarcity tactics can work on me sometimes but mostly it alienates me FAST! I think there is a delicate balance and that using these tacics only works when you have a keen following and a real name for yourself. I also find that you are sometimes talking about stuff to do with Brian Campbell from such as insider perspective that I don’t know what you are referring to!! Don’t forget that some of us need a bit mors information as we don’t have the advantage of all your insider peeks 🙂 Many thanks again Ian, Sam

  2. Holographic Life Mapping says:

    Hi Sam,
    I have to agree with you on this one, but the fact is even if you know that its being done to you its still a very effective technique. If you have any specific questions or something you don’t undersand just message and I will try and answer your questions to clarify it for you

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