Internet Milionare Postponed his Success

About Me

My name is Ian Chapman, I have spent the last 14 years plumbing the depths of human consciousness and have now returned from my explorations and hope to share some of the insights I have gained. Its quite amusing for me to see myself using the internet as the platform for this next step and also a test to see how disciplined I can be to use the technologies and not allow them to use me.

My Journey

My journey began 14 years ago in India when I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening. It was like someone had just turned on the electricity for the first time. One day I was an average underachiever university graduate, the next I was catapulted into a universe that I had only dreamed about. Why me? Well, I am still asking myself that question. I ended up undertaking a long spiritual training across a variety of disciplines.

Internet Millionaire?? Maybe Later….

I guess the most interesting thing that happened at the beginning was that I had a very strong vision while I was in Kathmandu, of using the internet to network businesses together and was given the blueprints for Online shops and Auction sites. This was back in 1995 when the internet almost didn’t exist and no-one had even thought about Amazon or Ebay. I probably could have pulled it off if that was what I was supposed to do ( I was programming machine code on the Comodore 64 when I was 14 and taught computer studies at my school because I knew more than the teacher) also My Dad and Brother are both in the computer Industry.

Other Work To Do

My dreams of being an internet millionaire were postponed, I Had other work to do and other higher level programming languages to learn and the whole inner universes to explore. I spent many years living and working with a group of people who were focussed on collectively exploring human consciousness and how it operates through groups and familys and how to recreate tribal group consciousness within ourselves. We were guided into dreamwork and shamanic type explorations and also synthesized both ancient and modern teachings. We began to see the symbolic link between our inner and outer life and how our dreams were playing out in front of our very eyes if we were awake enough to observe this. All the time we were guided by a force much greater than ourselves and our focus was very much oriented towards serving others. Which is why we focalised healing and spiritual development workshops at several international gatherings all over Europe.


Recently I have become more involved in Yoga and Mediataion as these seem to be easier bridges to share my experiences with others. As I have matured I have stopped trying to impose my beliefs on others and learned to just hang back a little, those that are ready will understand, those that aren’t won’t.

The past few years I have been also been deepening my relationship with my Family and my Girlfriend Solveig, We bought a house on Bornholm, a small beautifull Danish island just south of Sweeden and will convert it into a Yoga and retreat centre.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogg and post your thoughts and comments.


Frank Kern and Eben Pagan get Holographic and they are embarassed to tell anyone


How many on you have ever experienced the phenomenon where you are with a certain group of people and at some point the energy in the room becomes cohesive to the point where you can actually sense the buzz and then everyone in the group becomes lifted to a higher level of awareness than their normal state and suddenly Ideas start flowing and it’s like everyone is thinking from the same page. A person opposite you will speak the thoughts that you were just about to express. The excitement of the experience is often hard to explain after it has ended and for most people it is only a peak experience that leaves them and seems sometimes vaporous like a dream, The next day it is hard to remember everything that took place, Like you have memory loss but at a deep level you know that you touched upon something very special, but you just can’t explain it


I heard a great example from an interview I heard recently where Frank Kern and Eben pagan were talking about the experiences that they had at Eben’s Altitude seminar last year. Everyone was buzzing on a high energy level that had to be experienced but couldn’t be explained An how during the break, Frank just sat down and wrote the whole sales letter for his forthcoming mass controll project. In the interview they were almost embarrased to admit what they had experienced in case people thought them a bit weird or new age .

When you take a group of people and you place them together and you focus all of their attention on one thing you create a laser beam of consciousness,

A laser is an electronic-optical device that emits coherent light radiation. The term “laser” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. <>

Now the photographic plate is peoples perception of reality itself, everyone is drawn into a group experience that they can only fully experience when they are coherent and all aligned towards the same purpose. Now in Eben and Franks case that was a $10,000 seminar that was designed to help entrepreneurs grow their business. The seminar was aptly named “Get Altitude” and it lifted everyone who participated to a much higher level. I know this for myself just through watching the recording on DVD. It totally changed my life. And gave me ideas to grow my own business and was the springboard that got me to this place and is the reason why I am writing this blog post.

Holographic Mapping – your net worth is the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with


In this article I will explore how the recent rise of internet marketers using social applications like facebook and twitter is the precursor of a major shift in consciousness, I hope to explain how this will relate to you and the steps you can take to maximise your own understanding of what is taking place on a global level and how you can position yourself to surf this next wave without getting sucked into the turbulence and confusion that is already affecting many people as this wave comes closer to the shore.


Just what exactly is holographic mapping and how does it apply to you and your life. Taken simply a hologram is in itself a map of what it was made from, A piece of coherent light that was projected through a laser onto a photographic plate and retained as a 3 dimensional impression. If you now smash that photographic plate and studied one of the pieces, the image you would see would be the same as the one on the larger plate only lacking in focus and brightness. If you gatherer several of the pieces together the same would occur only everything will become clearer and brighter.


So with that simple model in hand why is it important for you to understand the basic principles and what can you learn about them in your own life. Many of you will have heard the expression that you can measure your net worth as a person by combining the incomes of the five people that you spend most of your time with. Others have stated that your net worth is also the sum of the people networks of the five people you spend the most time with. This is a very simplistic application of holographic mapping techniques, but still nonetheless very effective and surprisingly accurate.


when looking at the recent rise of sites like facebook and twitter. There you have groups of people who are focussing their energy in one place and they are linking up with people who share similar things in common. The group is coherent in certain areas and with applications like twitter you can become connected to each person you are following and almost listen to their thoughts. Each persons intent and focus will affect their experience, so if your only goal is to make lots of money for yourself that will be what you will realise but only to a limited extent.


One of the unwritten laws of holographics is that you are a part of the whole and the whole is impersonal. The people who are really going to make the most money are those that are helping other people and not focused on themselves. A person who is only interested in themselves will use their network for selfish gain because they fail to see they are part of the greater whole and their greed and limited mindset will restrict it’s full potential. How many of you have been turned off by friend requests that have turned into tacky sales pitches. The culprits are blind to the real power of social networking and would be much better positioned if they gave away instead of trying to get. Giving away creates more cohesion in the network and is more likely to have your message spread further and wider because your reputation is what you are promoting not your physical products.


They did these test where they put two people in a room, they gave one person 100 dollars and the power to decide how the money will be split. The other person had the power to decide to accept the split or that they both would have nothing. Over time as different players used different stategies it was shown that when the split reached 70-30 the one who decides if they take the money would rather have both to have no money than the other to take 70%, this sense of fairness is what you need to apply in all your dealings with social marketing, because if you get too greedy or even just too annoying and self promoting, your friends will cut you out of the network and would rather that nothing comes from the relationship that have one person abuse it.


with the increase in visibility and openness you often only get one chance, if you blow it then thats it. Its no use even trying to use a fake profile because someone will always find out in the end, especially if you ever get any modicum of success. Having had personal experiences on an even deeper level in group work where everyone can actually hear your thoughts and read your intentions directly you start to take more resposibility and strive to make your intentions clearer and your motivations purer. Anyone who is genuinely interested in helping others above their desire to grow rich will almost certainly be the most sucessfull players in this new game. If the guru abuses the power the network still exists and can exclude him and continue to function in its own higher level goals.


Let this be a warning to any gurus who are not clear about why they are using social marketing. Over the short term you may become very rich, and have a lot of power and influence. But with that power comes responsibility and the need for integrity and honesty, you can never own the network because it is now made up of people, you can only become a servant to the network if you want to reap the highest rewards.



Why did john Reese invite his list onto Facebook , what were his deeper motives and does he even know this himself?

The power of Reese’s network lies in the quality and the motivation of the people who are involved. All these people have a desire to be successful and emulate what John had done himself and develop their own Business online. If you apply the 80-20 principle , 20% of this network will contribute to 80% of the total value.

If just 20% of his list go on to do what he has and create their own network of 5000 friends in the following years that’s 1000 people each with 5000 friends , that’s half a million people in total.


Ok, I know that many of these networks will be overlapping and often people will choose their friends because they know other friends; The really smart marketers will be making every friend count and be networking away from the central node and will want to choose friends who are also applying the same strategy.

I am going to guestimate that the 500,000 people will in reality be more like 100,000 by applying the same 80-20 principle,This would mean adopting a friending strategy where you aim to make friends with people who know only 20% of the people on your Friends list.


When you get to the next level the of friends of friends the numbers start to get huge. The exponential factor has come into play which is what all viral marketing aims to capitalise on.

20% of 100,000 is 20,000, now if only these 20,000 people max out their friends list you have 100 million people. Applying the 80/20 rule again you get a more realistic 10 million people.


Now I know that John is a smart enough guy to have done his Maths, and he doesn’t even have to lift a finger. Except the initial work which he says he did by hand when he accepted his first 5000 friends. And a few posts on his profile. He’s sitting on top of a goldmine and he knows it. Anyone who has read the stompernet smarts material will know how the figures stack up

The beauty of it all is that everyone else does the work for him and the people who do the most work are the ones who are going to benefit the most because they will be important nodes in the future network.


Last week john recommended for everyone to get involved with twitter, so far he has 1638 followers and he is in turn following everyone who is following him. Out of 5000 friends and 1860 fans that makes 6860 people, divide that by 1638 and you get 4.1 turn that into a percentage and you realise that he has about 25-30% of his friends and fans doing what he suggested confirming my original theory.


In spiritual circles they say you can never repay your debt to your guru and if what I predict comes true there will be a lot of people who owe their success to him.

I would personally like to thank John Reese for getting me involved in facebook and twitter, I am only just begining to realise its full potential. I will be watching everyones moves very closely, and will be interested to see how the Launch of Traffic Secrets 2 will unfold and whether it will involve Facebook and Twitter