Facebook Users Protest Against Forced Adoption Of New Design

Petition Against The “New Facebook”

Facebook announced the final rollout of their new look design and those who have avoided adopting it  it will now be forced to get used to the changes. Understandably there has been a huge outcry from those who hate the new look and are having their old much loved profiles taken away from them and replaced by Facebooks new cleaner tabbed  profile layout.

One group I looked at, Petition Against the “New Facebook” has nearly half a million members. I suspect that even if they reach their million target Facebook won’t take a blind bit of notice. Its too much work to keep two platforms running side by side forever and it is obvious to me that Facebook have a very clear vision regarding the direction that they want to move in.

The Man Who Is Responsible Speaks Out

Mark Slee the man responsible for the new look Facebook talked to Robert Scoble recently . The interview gives you an inisders perspective as you look behind Facebook’s new design. Mark explains some of the issues involved and the main reasons why these changes are necessary.

Facebook SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

I wrote all about this in my epic  four part series where I made a SWOT analysis of Facebooks new design. Some of my predictions are already coming true. The shift towards monetising Facebook through mass advertising has to be balanced with user requirements. Many people who migrated to Facebook from  Myspace did so because it offered a sanctuary from the constant bombardment of advertising. They might now be faced with a similar dilemma.

Do You Love It or Hate It?

I  have gotten used to the new design, and while I mourn some of the old features and miss having my applications easily accessible and visible I wouldn’t want to switch back. The viral benefits of the merging of the wall and minifeed and the rise in prominence of Facebook Notes has made it a much more powerful tool for building community and developing relationships.

Is There A Conspiracy?

In my research I also stumbled upon an old article “With Friends Like These… “ written by a Guardian reporter that gives another insight into the real people behind Facebook . It gets quite sinister and Big Brother like and shows links to CIA interest and Government control. It reminds me of Noam Chomskys classic documentary, Manufacturing Consent and makes me wonder just who is holding the reigns of this powerhouse and what would happen if they chose to abuse their position or were forced to hand over control due to government intervention.

Democracy or Dictatorship?

I am not the type of person who wants to spread paranoid conspiracy theories or get involved in any politics but I can see a real danger if we all get too dependant on Facebook and there is no way to address these types of issues. Facebook now has as many users as the whole population of The United Kingdom. As citizens in this virtual country are we living in a democratic and free society or an oppressive controlling dictatorship?


  1. I really like the new facebook. I find it much easier to do everything I want, and it has expanded my experience of connecting with my friends.

    Seems to me that people who don’t like it haven’t even attempted to see what’s innovative about it.. they just don’t like the idea of change.

  2. i think im gona leave face book i cant stand da new face book,its doin ma headin….

  3. Brenda O'keefe says:

    i really don’t give much for the new facebook..it’s too …whats the word…complicated,and messed up!

  4. Personally, I love the new look and design.

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