Going Round And Round In Circles?

I spent several hours last night coaching a friend who wanted some insights into her money and abundance issue.   This article is a result of that session and I thought I would share it with my friends as I really liked  the metaphors that we developed.

If You Jump In The River You Get Wet

Abundance is flowing all the time. The universe’s grace is there for all to receive. You just have to place yourself in its path/stream. If you jump in a river you get wet, if you stay on the bank or just dip your toes you don’t get carried to where the current runs the fastest

Beware Of Hidden Obstacles

Even if you are in the water can you see clearly how the water is moving you? In a river there are sometimes hidden obstacles or obstructions underwater that cause surface objects to move in circles and get trapped in a current or eddy. Constantly revolving but not actually moving forward with the main flow of the river .

Friction Will Hold You Back

This tends to happen towards the edges close to the banks, in the main flow these movements are carried forward by the power of the whole river. Where the water is moving more slowly there is more friction from the bank,  hidden rocks, tree branches and other obstacles that can’t be seen.

Going Round In Circles

When you run up against hidden conditioning and belief structures  no matter how much you hold the vision and see yourself getting the results you desire you will find yourself going around in circles and then complain that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you.

Blaming Is Only Shifting Responsibility

This applies equally to your personal life and your business. If you are not getting to where you want to be in life stop looking outside, blaming the government or the recession or your childhood or your wife or your parents or your employer or business partner. Blaming is not a way to get free of the friction that is stopping you reaching the centre of the stream and the main currents of life, it is just a way of shifting responsibility.

Are You Missing Something Important

You might not even realise you are going round and round in circles because you are in the water and you appear to be moving. You  insist that you are doing everything right but deep down you know that you  are missing something really important

Do You Have Clear Reference Points

What you are missing is clear reference points. Ways to calibrate and measure. If you can see a point on the bank or can see another object moving in the river you will soon realise  you true situation. People who are lost in the wilderness and who don’t have a compass will almost always find themselves walking around in circles. Until they learn to navigate by the sun and the stars or  by the bark on the trees they will stay lost.

Experience Is What  Counts

A life  or business coach  is like a strong swimmer who has experience navigating  the river and can dive down under the water to see what is really going on. They know where  the obstacles are and can intervene to nudge you back into the main flow. The best coaches are those who actually know from personal experience what it’s like to be trapped in the eddies and tangled in the roots of old patterns and limiting beliefs. They have the skills to survive and adapt in any situation or circumstance, they can read nature like a book and follow its silent guidance. They can help you make the maps you need and plan your future direction of travel.


If you are reading this on Facebook you will see that many of the people I have tagged in this note are already coaches of some description, they might not call it that directly but their business is  about helping others to achieve success. They have their own specialisations so get to know your coach and make sure they have the experience that is relevant to your own personal needs. Even coaches need coaching, the best ones always know the limits of their own experience and are honest with themselves and their clients.

Free Consultation

I  would like to offer a free 20 minute consultation  to anyone who is serious about hiring my services.  I have gained  my PHD from the University of Life,  I have followed a few rivers from their mountain sources  all the way to the ocean,   I’ve also lived in deserts and trekked through several jungles.

Intuitive Skills

I rely a lot on my intuition which I have spent years developing and honing.  I am happy to apply my varied skills and talents to help you see clearly what you need to do in order to succeed.  If you want to live your  life and run your business in a way that doesn’t compromise you spiritual values  then working with me can bring you great benefits.

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  1. Hi Ian, it’s interesting to think of coaching as navigation through the turbulence, and I realte to your point about “thinking” you’re moving but in actual fact you’re standing still.

    I read somewhere once that it’s impossible to stand still – you’re always moving either forwards or backwards. The idea is that if you figure out you’re not moving you’re probably going backwards…I think it’s to emphasize the point that action, motion, momentum is the key to success…Gathering momentum…something else a coach can help you with…

    My 10 cents

  2. Hello Ian,
    A very nice, well written article! I see many similarities between various ideas of elemental usage and patterns with what you advise to things I also teach. My methods are different though in the fact that they stem directly out of Elder Native American teachings, though the underlying ideas are very similar. You seem to gear the ideas towards people and their daily modern lives and I gear it to the wild life. However it seems clear to me that your ideas can easily be taken into a more wild way of living as my teachings can relate to lives outside of the wild as well as within.
    I teach these ways in depth in my courses and so it would seem that we have much in common.
    Great work! Glad to see the knowledge in use!

    Medicine Blessings,
    White Wolf

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