If You Could Message 1 Million People What Would You Say?

One Million Followers On Twitter

This week on Twitter Ashton Kutcher reached 1 million followers in a dramatic race to beat CNN to this milestoneOprah Winfrey also started tweeting and in her first day amassed over 200,000 followers.

In this article I want to explore the power of influence and ask a question that on the surface seems quite  simple but when you look closer it reflects something deeper and more intriguing.  Your answers can show you your deeper motivations and  reflect  what  you are likely to give and receive from the  world

Imagine if you had the chance to send a message to 1 million people what would you say.Would you be self serving or would you use your message to benefit others

Inspired To Greatness

If I had the ability to message 1 million people I would probably send them a link to something inspirational or to something that would shift their perspective for a few moments,  I would make sure that whatever blog post or video I  sent them to had a way for them to send that same message out to all their friends and I would show people how they could send their own similar message to the world that had the potential to go  viral

The benefit of sharing something valuable and inspiring  rather than asking for something for yourself is that the good feelings that people generate will be associated with your name for  a long time into the future. If you ask for a handout or go begging for clicks like so many people seem to do on Twitter you are just acting in a self serving way. The reason Oprah Winfrey got so huge is because she is authentic and genuine and committed to helping people and serving her community,  people all over the world love her for these very reasons

Judging A Book By Its cover


This is one of those inspirational videos that came to me in the past week, I watched it several times because it reminded me that anyone, no matter who they are or what they look like has the potential to touch the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Susan Boyle has now become the most viral video on the internet with over 40 million views.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf All The Time

On Twitter if you shout into cyberspace  with a self serving attitude some people will certainly hear you and respond. If you continue to shout all the time demanding attention, your response rate will decline and your message will be ignored just like the boy who cried wolf. You can fool people once but you can’t fool people on a long term basis.

Attention Is An Earned Privilege

Only  by building a Twitter following and adding value to your network will you earn the privilege of your followers attention. If everyone else is shouting  how can you cut through the noise. Even if you have  the right tools, you still need loyal followers who will share your message even further

Getting Your Message Out To The World

If you had 1 million Twitter followers and you could send a message to  the world what would you say ? How would you use that power of communication?

Would it be self serving or would it be a message of hope, inspiration and joy? I would love to hear your comments,  send me an @ message  on twitter @iandavidchapman or leave a comment on this blog post or on my Facebook note

Please Share Some of Your  Inspiration

Feel free to share some links to your favorite inspirational  YouTube videos and blog posts  lets make this blog post a cool resource

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  1. Ian,
    I’ve known you for about a year now, I love reading your blogs.
    You are genuine, and authentic. You ask very good questions.
    You always offer value. I am so glad we are still friends after a year.

    What would I say to 1 million people?
    Hm…it depends on what’s on my mind right now.
    At some point I do want to launch my Women In transition project, but today, I’d tell 1 million to send a card to Tark Tarochione. His address is here http://www.SendTarkACardToday.com I want him to get fan mail by the truckloads! 🙂 I think he will be pleased. Don’t you?

  2. I would say 1 million people they are blessed as you are!
    All the best.

  3. What would I say to a million people in 140 characters or less..what an opportunity.
    Probably my favorite saying:
    Make it a simple goal step by step: Move in the direction towards what you want or move away from it…your choice.
    (adapted from Mark Joyner)

  4. I would say if i could get 1 million votes for dance video to win $6000 that would be so amazing – if 1 million people took the time to vote my dance students would win for sure!

    HEY EVERYONE! If you don’t mind taking the time to vote for us again (it will only take 1 minute lol) we have a NEW VIDEO http://www.subwayfeelgood.co.nz/video.aspx?videoID=i4jmD87ORkqMtP873pDLCA We got 639 votes last time but unfortunately didn’t win so we thought we would try again 🙂 You can vote once per day till Monday 11am so PLEASE VOTE FOR MY DANCE GIRLS! the clip with the YELLOW writing THANKS SO MUCH

  5. I’ve been following your posts and FB activities for a while and they always leave me almost breathless….and that’s tremendously “impacting”.

    My message to 1 Million people or 500 billion is simple: “I love you, I love you, I love you.
    Tell others and really mean it, and ask them to do the same to each other and for each other and let’s make our world an incredible place to be”.

  6. I just hope that noone is waiting to gather a million people before they tell them nice words. The real question is what do you tell people you meet every day?

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  8. trinarachelle says:

    I hope to earn positive attention by inspiring people to see their value. Good post.

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