Leane Gerber wins the $10,000 prize on Facebook

Yesterday I participated in the final stages of a competition that had been running for the past few weeks on Facebook. Kev Mcauly Announced that he would be investing $10,000 to help someone kick-start their own home business.

All you had to do was join Kevs groups become a fan on his fan page and then write to explain why you thought you deserved to get the money.

A Sceptic

My Friend Leane Gerber was the first person to tell me about this offer and I explained to her then why I wouldn’t be joining. I thought it was a great Idea as a publicity stunt and thought that Kev would probably grow a huge list for his MLM business as lots of hopeful people jumped on board expecting to get a free handout. I had just finished writing about MLM and pyramid marketing so my scepticism was even higher.

Not All MLM Is The Same

In the following weeks Leanne single-handedly build up Kevs groups by promoting what he was offering and right at the last minute with 5 minutes to spare and just before the competition closed I jumped on board for the fun of it. I had no real expectation of winning but I had seen the sincerity of Kev Mcauly and realised that he didn’t fit into the normal category of MLM promoter, there was something different about him and his attitude that I liked.

Leane Wins $10,000

I spent the next half an hour having an IM conversation with Leane and Kev at the same time. I told Kev who I thought should win and I soon realised that he had already made the right decision.

He finally released the name of the winner in his excellent Blog post where he talks about his challenges in MLM marketing and how he came to learn the hard way that if you want to succeed in business online….

1. You must have a business or something to sell or promote with which you receive commission.

2. you must know how to generate traffic to websites

3. You must brand yourself as a leader in this industry.

Leane was chosen from all the other hopefuls because she had actually done something of value to earn it. By actively promoting she showed her talents and by being so down to earth and genuine she has built her own following on facebook

Brian’s Protégé

Leane Gerber wins $10,000 prize on Facebook

Leane was one of the first people to follow Brian Campbells teaching, right at the beginning when no one had even heard of him. She threw caution to the wind and started her first facebook group, branding herself as Brian Campbells protégé. Even though she was inexperienced in internet marketing and had no product of her own to sell she took action and proceeded to build several large groups on Facebook.

Video Expert

It was only later that her real talents and skills were revealed and she started to build her own niche groups to teach Video Editing and Production.

A Great Sales Pitch

When she finally made her pitch to Kev Mcauley explaining her ideas she outlined a clear plan of action showing how she will use the money not just to help herself but to add value to other peoples lives

I believe if you help enough people get what they want you will get what you want. I will use the money to help you and others…

I have 2 business ventures which I will give you the opportunity to invest in your $10’000 in.

1. As a film maker I am appalled at bad quality video’s on the web.

I have 4 facebook groups with at least 800 people who want to learn more about using video to market themselves. I will use the money to buy the equipment I need to create high quality FREE training videos which I will post on fb and my video blog to teach people how to make professional video’s. I will also help you spice up your health blog 🙂

2. My second venture is an amazing product called fuel freedom international. It helps you save 25% on fuel, reduces hazardous fuel emissions and have a great compensation plan. I will sign up 12 people as independent distributors and will invest my time to guide them and teach them to become successful using my marketing and your LOA knowledge.”

A Good Friend

I have really appreciated Leane’s friendship on Facebook and she is one of the few people who I would actually consider a real friend, we have spent many hours chatting on Facebook’s instant messenger sharing our Ideas and supporting each other through the psychological ups and downs that occur in this business

I am so happy that she is now getting the financial success that she has worked so hard for. Kev Mcauley made a good choice. He chose her for several reasons and I am sure he will get a good return on his investment

So why leanne?

• She applied the rules of the competition more than anyone and greatly contributed to the growth of the group.

• She has shown her ability in being able to build huge groups and traffic in social media.

• She has emailed, IM me and built a relationship, she has told me about her family, friends, dreams and goals.

• She is a leader in MLM and will able to help with my success.

Simple Strategies

Anyone no matter what their background or personal history can rise to the position of expert and leader if they have the commitment and enthusiasm and courage to move past their fears and take action implementing a few simple strategies, I outline them quite clearly in my free facebook advanced strategies guide

A New Type Of Guru

As more people become disillusioned with the big named Gurus I wonder if we are beginning to see a trend where people will follow those that have risen from the ranks because they maybe have a clearer understanding of the problems and issues that a newcomer might face since they went through it themselves much more recently.

Congratulations Leane I am proud of you for everything you have achieved in such a short period of time and I look forward to working with you closely in the future.


  1. Dulcita Love says:

    Hi Ian, Thanks for sharing this story. I didn’t know all the details until now. I’m happy for Leane and all who will benefit from her being able to share more about using video for business. Dulcita Love @dulcitalove

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