Leveraging your time on Facebook

I have discovered that there is a simple way to leverage your effort spent networking on facebook just by choosing the right time of day to be online

Facebook’s real power lies in the viral nature of the News feed, everything you do is recorded and sent to all your friends, so they can see when you have made a post or joined a group. And all their friends can see it too. Because Facebook is happening in real time, the news feed is constantly being updated. Old news gets pushed down the list, making it important to know when most people will see what you are doing.

To take maximum advantage of the viral effect You need to focus your activity when most of your friends are online. This will vary for everyone depending on what time zone you live in and also what time zone the majority of your friends live in.

Keep a track of the little box in the bottom right of your profile, this shows you how many of your friends are online at any given time. If you keep a record by writing down the numbers you will soon see that there are definite peaks at certain times of day.

So if you only have limited time make sure you do most of your social networking during the peaks as this will give you the maximum impact on your network and give you the most exposure to all your friends.

This strategy becomes even more important as your number of contacts grows,

Me and Tony Williams are working on an application that can automate this process for you, but until then you will just have to use a pen and paper.


  1. Linda McGrory says:

    Hi Ian, very good point. Living in the UK, I was starting to look at those figures in that box, and trying to work out when the busiest – and best – time would be for me to be online. thanks for clarifying that for me! Hugs, Linda

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