Make Your Facebook Profile Magnetic

Anyone who has been on Facebook for over a month has probably accumulated a lot of extra weight on their profile page. This is quite normal but if you want to network more effectively it’s a good Idea to treat your profile like your resume and to keep it clear from clutter. Regular housekeeping will save you having to do a complete overhaul and rebuild. And if you set everything up in the right way your profile will become magnetic and you will automatically attract the friends you are looking for. Here a few suggestions that I came up with

Make Your Profile Fit Your Target Market.

If you want to target a specific niche then your profile should reflect this. A quick way to make a convincing profile is to go to and type in your keywords and see what books pop up. You want to make sure that you list these books on your profile. Next you need to include the names of some of the most famous people in your niche and the things that you would expect a person from this niche to like. Type in these names in the facebook search box and see what profiles come up, check out what other people have on their profiles and copy the style of a few of your most typical targeted prospects.

Target and Attract

You need to optimise you profile so that not only will you quickly be accepted as a friend by others in your niche but you will also attract the people who are looking for you when they use the search function. This is an important principle to remember. Target and Attract at the same time. All your personal information is hyperlinked so keep everything short and make sure you spell everything correctly. Writing long wordy sentences describing all your favourite things means you will miss out on others finding you though the search function and people might not even bother to read what you have written. Remember, most people only take a few seconds to scan through your profile, you need to make it as easy as possible for them so see what you have in common

Tidy Up You Groups

One tell tale sign that gives a lot of information about a person is the groups they have joined so if you want to make the right impression go through your group list and get rid of all the ones that are unsuitable. Also think about joining groups that will enhance your image and make you look like a well rounded individual. If you have a long list of groups only devoted to MLM, network marketing and making money online you might scare people away because you have made a clear statement about who you are. If your niche is making money online then this will of course be Ok, but it is a good idea to join some other interesting groups that also reflect well on your personality and interests.

Get Rid Of All The Apps

One of the most annoying things I find is when I come upon a persons profile who has been on facebook for a while is when their profile page is filled with about 100 applications and the page takes about 2 minutes to load. If you fall into this category you need to go through them all and decide if you want to keep them. Delete all the ones you don’t want and hide all the ones that are unnecessary

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  1. Craig Seabaugh says:

    Good post Ian. However, those of us not quite so business-centric continue to use facebook as a medium to honestly share rather than market ourselves. I like the term ‘friend’ to have some modicum of truthfulness.

    Craig Seabaugh

  2. Great Post Ian,

    I completely agree with your post on keeping in clean in FB. I love getting friend requests, but it is annoying to have to view all the garbage.

    As an entrepreneur and online marketer I think FB is great for networking, but it can also be a big time waster too. Ever spend too much time reading about people? I think that balancing it all is extremely important!

    Keep up the good work!

    Kirk Anderson

  3. Bayou City Lupita says:

    Thanks Ian! Great Tips!

  4. Day Traders Win says:

    Good set of tips, Ian, as usual.
    John McLaughlin, Stock Trader’s – Consultant / Coach / Mentor

  5. Victoria Player - the "Online Marketing Coach" says:

    Ian, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. You are right about the over use of apps and also being sent app requests. I am barraged with tons every day. Keep up the good work!

    Victoria Player

  6. Michael Holdcroft says:

    I must admit, I don’t accept all of the invitations that are sent to me. Almost all of them need some sort of apps installed to work. That just takes too much time in the end, so I just block the culprits if possible.


  7. Some very good points here. A small investment of time every couple of weeks keeps the whole thing running much more sweetly. But it still takes time.
    I also appreciate Craig Seabaugh’s comment about honesty and truthfulness.
    The trick (which I haven’t solved) is balancing between befriending everyone who comes along (in the hope they’ll do you some good) and sticking to a manageable ‘few’ that would have to include real friends.
    I think FB for friends and LinkedIn for work…or is that too simplistic?

    Phil Holden

  8. Michael Holdcroft says:

    @Phil: It would depend on you wanting to use FB for marketing purposes or just to keep in contact with some friends.

    Obviously, if you are marketing you need a large FB base. So my advice is to welcome all who want to be friends.

  9. Kurt Mitchell says:

    Nice post on Facebook profile tips. I am guilty of having way too many apps. Need to do some house cleaning!

    Kurt Mitchell/Google Me

  10. uhHi Ian,

    This is a great post in so many ways, not the least of which is the opportunity to talk this stuff out openly.

    I’m totally with you on so many things, including the aps. I’d add Superwall and Funwall to the list (unless you know how to set your privacy settings to prevent people from posting inappropriate material).

    But I’m not convinced creating ‘an image’ is the way to go. Judicious and thoughtful sharing of your personal information, and appropriate targeting of your marketing message, are both key. No doubt about it. And I’m a big fan of Robert Middleton’s work for help in that area.

    But creating a synthesized image using leaders in your field and their key words is a little like being a ‘me too’ on steroids, isn’t it?

    How do you stand out uniquely that way?

    As for me personally, I put alot of stock in transparency and authenticity. In fact, both are what help me determine if I want to get to know someone better, or if a professional is someone I want to do business with. And if I sniff ‘image’ I keep a polite distance.

    Thanks for the conversation, Ian.


  11. Craig Seabaugh says:

    Hi again Ian,

    I’ve been following the comments on your post and see that you have struck a chord! I think it’s great that you’ve invited such a thoughtful (and civil)conversation.

    BTW, I’m a true follower of yours in the SMMS forums, although I haven’t contributed much.

    Back to the conversation…I’ve added (as have you) the “clean profile” app to my FB profile, allowing those who wish, to cut through the clutter. Not an ideal solution, but a start.

  12. ksullivan says:

    Thanks Dan for sharing this info. Too many people on Facebook get bombarded with all the applications and feel that they have to except all of them. I personally removed and blocked some of them.

    Katherine Sullivan

  13. Hi Ian,
    Excellent advice. The thing that has bothered me a bit, (being new to FB) is that it’s hard not to add applications when someone sends you a “gift,” albeit a hug, drink, wish, etc. Someone was thinking of you, and it’s a way of saying thanks…..

    At the same time, I totally agree with you on too much clutter…I’ll have to find the balance. Great topic. Thanks.

  14. I’m definitely all for quality vs. quantity. I’ve begun paying more attention to the invites to groups as well as to friends, being more selective. As for the applications, they can get a bit overwhelming and tiresome.

    Thanks for the dialog Ian.

  15. I really appreciate all of your comments…being new to facebook it is helpful to hear some of the “how-to’s”…some of it I will admit goes over my head because I’m still learning how facebook works.
    Great discussion…someone did mention LinkedIn…what is that?


  16. Good points Ian and they were quite timely for me as I am just getting started. It really made me take a strategic look at my FB page to see how it would fit in with my goals of exposing my professional services to a potential market.

  17. Susan Wood says:

    Thanks for a great post, Ian– it brought up a lot of great discussion. Image, authenticity, too much clutter… great food for thought.

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