Pay Pal "Pay Me" Paying It Forward

Giving Away just for the heck of it

I would like to suggest a way that everyone can start to make some money right now on facebook, by adding the ” Pay Me” payment application from Paypal. Just as a very simple way to allow people to show their appreciation for any service or knowledge that you have shared. I would like to help implement a culture of sharing resources here at IMU and that the people who give away the most to help others will also receive the most back in return. It also creates a great way of saying thank you. It will also help Brian achieve his goal that much faster and also contribute to the success of everyone else here on IMU. Payment in this way would act as a voting system, we could develop a rating where you can see the perceived value of each person to the network by how much people have donated, this will also save much time and energy knowing who is trustworthy or who has quality information to offer. I would like to start by asking Brian to add this application to his own profile and will be the first to donate to him for the value he has already given me and the insights he has brought to many others.

I have felt this way towards many of the top internet marketers like Eben Pagan and the guys at Stompernet, even though I have not brought any of their products I would like to show my appreciation just for the free information that they send me


Just imagine the abundance that could be available for everyone if we all gave freely to each other. It is like in the old story about the magic penny, give it away and you will get many in return. Or as Eben Pagan puts it instead of thinking how 1 million people can all give me one dollar, How can I give away hundreds of dollars of value to a million people and trust that they will show their appreciation by giving me $10.

New Mindset

It is a total reversal of the mindset that is selfish and worried about people stealing from you and actually develops a much deeper, more trusting relationship with customers and also pays off financially. They call it “Moving the free line” in IM circles and Brian has been a shining example of this type of business model and he deserves to be rewarded. Paypal “payme” might just be the icing on a very big cake that we can all share in.

I am interested in developing new models for business based on sharing and co-operation and building synergetic relationships between individuals and groups, please feel free to add me as your friend. You can find the link to the Paypal Payme on my page.

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