Stompernet to Reopen the Doors

Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins will be opening the doors to Stompernet again soon, I read a twitter from AJ which said he has just sent out the PDF’s to the JV partners, They also sent out a very sneaky marketing mistake on their autoresponder series to people who were not yet members of stompernet showing what was coming up in the next year, then they sent an appolgy saying it was a mistake…. yeah , I believe that!! those guys don’t make any mistakes, every move is carefully calculated. So if you want access to the best training I would make sure you don’t miss the boat. As they are sure to be innundated.

StomperNet Membership Update:

So here we are, April 15th.

For those of us in the U.S. it’s the deadline for filing our
income tax returns. It’s that dreaded day where the U.S.
government comes knocking to take a nice big bite out of our
hard-earned profits.

Now, I’m not here to talk politics (Good LORD don’t get me
started) – taxes are taxes (cough…CHOKE), and whether you
agree with them or not (AHHHH), the government says it’s time
to settle that bill. (Pfffft)

And when you’ve worked hard all year, it can be quite a big
blow to have to cough up what you owe. I wish I could make it
go away. For you AND for me.

But sadly, there’s just not a whole lot I can do – that’s
between you and the IRS. 🙂

Look, if you got bumped up into a higher tax bracket, well…
that’s just a side effect of success, right? And isn’t that
what we’re all here for? To learn how to earn more? To earn
so much that the government actually puts you on a whole
different pay schedule?

I mean, as far as consequences go, that’s not a bad one, but
MAN is it painful to have to put that check in the mail. It
can make enormous success seem like a bittersweet victory.

For small business owners, today is almost like a day of
mourning, and I feel your pain.
We all do. Heck, I’m even
wearing black as I write this (and not just because it’s

That’s why at StomperNet, we want to do what we can to
counteract this annual attack on our members’ pocketbooks.

We can’t pay them for you, and we can’t just cut a check…

But hopefully, as we showed with the announcements at LIVE
Five, we’re got our members’ backs – not just with words, but with

We’ve once again done our best to extend the benefits of
StomperNet membership – FAR beyond what’s ever been

As you may know, at the event, announced FIVE new faculty members
and TONS of new courses and features that StomperNet members will
have full access to as part of your membership.

And today, April 15 – while the IRS TAKES your hard earned cash
(BOO!) – StomperNet gives back to members with the beginning of
FOUR new
educational series designed to make NEXT year even
better, so
2008’s tax bill is just a wee memory. (YAY!)

And this gives us a chance to put our newest faculty to work
getting member businesses firing on all cylinders as we head into
the springtime here in Georgia.

But before we get into the new content, I want to remind you
about StomperNet Personal Coaching.
This valuable component of
StomperNet is now NO LONGER exclusive to Veteran members.
That’s right, Personal Coaching will soon be expanded to serve
EVERY FULL Stomper that wants it (and a LOT of you want it)!

I wanted to mention that before we get into all the new
offerings we’re beginning to release today. We know StomperNet
can be like “drinking from the fire hose” – and we don’t want
to further bewilder those members who are already frazzled.

Does StomperNet seem like too much info coming at you too
fast? Hang tight!

Coaches will soon be ready to help all members get organized, stay
focused, and accomplish all their business and personal goals.
This is the CURE for that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Listen, name me one world-class athlete that ever made it to
the top without a coach in their corner,
keeping them focused
on their goals, and holding them accountable for just getting
it done.

We want members to be the “gold-medalists” of online business, and
that’s why we’ve got coaching for ALL FULL MEMBERS.

So, as you read about our new courses, just remember that very
VERY soon, we’ll have a personal coach assigned for every member, ready to help
with planning and really put ALL of this great new content into play.

So, now that I’ve told you there’s no need to panic,
here’s the fire hose!

Now, if you were at the LIVE Five event, you know that we
REALLY wanted to show you what we’ve discovered over the past
year. VIDEO is the future of internet marketing, and it’s
still a new and unconquered field, ripe for some sharp Stompers
to step in and really stake out some territory in this new

Of course, if you’re a Stomper, or SMARTS member, or if you’ve
come aboard with us in ANY capacity since we opened in 2006,
you know that WE KNOW a little bit about using videos to really
grab attention in a marketplace.

But as good as we are at using video to PROMOTE our products
and services, the fact is – we DIDN’T have a lot of experience
when it came to using video to actually SELL our products and

But if we were able to do so well with video promotion, it’s
pretty much guaranteed that using video for SALES is going to
be a HUGE tactic in the near future.

So in the StomperNet tradition – we went out and found the most
successful REAL WORLD PRACTITIONER of video sales letters, and
brought him on board to show ALL STOMPERS how we can put the power
of video to work not only generating leads…

… but to harness the raw, immersive, persuasive magic of
video to CONVERT interested prospects into SALIVATING
FANATICS – and most importantly – PAYING CUSTOMERS!

Though he needs no introduction from those of you that were
there, I’m going to introduce him anyway. 🙂

A down-home local boy, Mike Stewart proves beyond a shadow of a
doubt that when it comes to using online video to sell, you
don’t need a Hollywood budget, expensive equipment, or
superstar good looks.
(Not that Mike isn’t a handsome man…)

We brought Mike on board because not only does he know how to
make videos that SELL, but he knows how to do it FAST – he
knows how to make it EASY – and he knows how to make it WORK!

If any of you saw his presentation – you know that if video is
helping a small-town exterminator corner the local bug-killing
market – there’s no DOUBT that a savvy Stomper can utterly
DOMINATE their niches by using video NOW
– BEFORE the
competition can catch up.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mike to bring Stompers this course
on Video Sales Letters ASAP!

NOTE: We also just got Mike Koenigs (of Traffic Geyser) on
board, and more installments in my own video series are coming
to the member portal as well – video is going to be huge in the next couple of
years, and we want members more PREPARED than the competition, and
poised to do no less than DOMINATE – by the time any one else
can catch up to Stomper’s video marketing education, our members will
have cemented in their positions as market leaders in their

But start today with Mike Stewart’s first installment of Video
Sales Letters
– check out the forum here.


Next up, we want to talk to Stompers that are already started
up, who are already making money – but who are just spending way
too much
on PPC, or who just aren’t getting the traffic they
should be.

Our members came on board StomperNet because you knew that we’re the
BEST in the WORLD at SEO.
Brad Fallon and I made history with
the first “Stomping the Search Engines” course, and it’s
because of that course that our members are all called “Stompers”
today – that was the course that started it all.

But of all the aspects we deal with in online business – SEO is
the MOST fickle
– the game with the QUICKEST rule changes, and
the most drastic impact on our profits.

If you depend on SEO for your success, then StomperNet has
ALREADY given our members more firepower – more unfair advantages – and
MORE secret tactics than any other resource known to man.

But the fact is, the cutting edge gets dull fast.

New discoveries are made, new opportunities for domination of
the SERPS arise.

And we’re on top of it! Bit by bit, we keep Stompers updated with
the new ins-and-outs of the SEO game. But eventually, so much
stuff changes that we reach a tipping point.

At that point, so much new stuff has come to light that it
becomes time to just go back to square one and re- draft
everything you know.

That’s not to say that anything we advise is obsolete – what
we’re talking about is going back and re-exploring the
fundamentals of SEO,
but looking back with the intervening 2
years of hindsight – looking back with the added expertise of
faculty members like Leslie Rohde and Jerry West…

And let’s not forget the guy who’s lacing it all up for members,
Dan “the Man” Thies.
If you’ve spent any amount of time in our
forums, you know that Dan is ALWAYS ready with a quick (and
more importantly) INFORMED answer to any SEO questions our
members may have.

And now, after months of ongoing research and organization,
we’re ready to introduce what we’re calling “Stomping
the Search Engines 2″
– and we intend for this to not only
REPLACE the old stuff, but to update every still-working
strategy and drag it kicking and screaming into 2008.

Now, other courses may have just stopped there, but
we’ve taken it farther than anyone else possibly could.

“Stomping the Search Engines 2” is only going to be the tip of
the iceberg.
Last year, we teased you about something we’ve
been working on – something that will be the end-all be-all of
SEO education. We call that project “ULTRA” – and this is
training wheels…

Once our members get cruising with STSE2, they’ll be ready for the
cutting edge strategies and tactics of ULTRA.

But you have to start somewhere, so why not check out the first
video in the new “Stomping the Search Engines 2” course, with
Dan Thies leading the way. All the new resources are linked
from this dedicated new forum.


On to the next tasty treat:

We’ve brought on board Paul Colligan, a guy many of you may
already know as a podcasting guru and new media expert. In
Paul’s new capacity as a StomperNet Faculty member, he’s
designed an absolutely killer content strategy that’s unlike
anything we’ve ever seen before.

Heck, if we hadn’t seen it in action at LIVE Five, I wouldn’t
even believe it was POSSIBLE.

Imagine creating a single piece of content – not that hard,
right? We do it all the time.

Now, through the processes Paul calls “Uber- Distribution” and
“Uber-Syndication” our members can simply go thorough a short series of steps –
and each step MULTIPLIES and AMPLIFIES the step before it.

Once this system is set up, a single action sets in motion a
MASSIVE and INTEGRATED system that will multiply, distribute,
and syndicate messaging across nearly EVERY Web 2.0 property
that matters.

As a Stomper, your message propagates across the internet with
almost no effort at all – and when you’re done, you and your potential
prospects are left with an undeniable “big picture” – you MUST
be the expert on the topic at hand because your stuff is

Coming right off of the tail-end of SMARTS, Paul’s “Uber”
series is going take every bit of social marketing know-how
we’ve delivered and crank it up so loud, it’ll break off the

But enough of my crummy analogies – let Paul tell you himself
what “Uber” is, and why it’s going to revolutionize your
content strategy in 2008, no matter what your business is.
Check it out in the dedicated forum we’ve set up just for
the “Uber” series.


So that leaves us with one more major addition today,
and I’m very excited about this one.

You see, even though all the stuff we’ve already talked about
is spanking new, super-fresh updated content, it’s all still
stuff we’ve at least talked about before. Business basics,
SEO, Video Marketing – the courses that start today are all the
best-of-the-best when it comes to their topics, but they’re all
things that StomperNet is already known for. (At least we HOPE

But this is different. I saw something on TV years ago, and
hopefully you’ve seen something like it so you “get” this
analogy. If I recall correctly, some guy was making a world
record attempt and knocking over the most dominoes. We’ve all
seen that, right? Thousands and thousands of little bricks are
all meticulously arranged to create a seemingly magical chain
reaction when that first domino is tipped over.

Well, the big finale of this spectacular display of tumbling
blocks was when instead of tumbling one at a time, one domino
knocked over two – and then each of those knocked over two –
and then each of THOSE knocked over two…
in a split second,
it became impossible to see the individual dominoes tumbling –
all you could see and hear was this massive WAVE of falling
blocks. It was like an avalanche.

But don’t forget – it was a PRECISION ENGINEERED avalanche.

After all the blocks in the “wave” were tipped over, the
colored dominoes formed the image of a corporate sponsor’s
logo (I think it was Pepsi!) – much to the delight of the
crowd. Out of what was seemingly pure chaos, a nice and
orderly pattern is achieved.

Now, I know it’s kind of a weird story to tell, but that image
of the tumbling dominoes is just the perfect illustration for
what we’re calling the “StomperCORE”.

StomperCORE is shaping up to be the answer to what a lot of
Stomper members feel is the BIGGEST problem with our

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel like StomperNet has everything you need, but you
just have no idea where to start?

It’s a lot like you’re missing a couple of key dominoes in your
little “chain reaction” right? You knock a few down, but you
hit a gap, and all your forward progress is halted. Does that
sound familiar?

What you need is a CORE set of fundamentals – a CORE set of
values to prioritize, and a CORE set of strategies – you need
to start at the basics and build the FOUNDATION for your future

If you feel like you’re holding back because you just need
someone to show you where to begin – or where to fill in the
gaps – wait no more!

StomperCORE is designed to consolidate and distill everything
we know
about business fundamentals and create a simple, easy
to execute “battle plan” to let our members quickly and easily create
and organize their vital business processes BEFORE they worry
about SEO or Social Marketing…

For a lot of Stompers, CORE will BE the missing dominoes in
your chain.
Once the foundation is laid, no force on
is going to be able to stop the chain-reaction that’s
going to happen in Stompers’ businesses.

And this is why Howie Schwartz, our newest full-time
Faculty/Staffer, is the best choice to lead this project.

Some people would have thought Howie was a COMPETITOR of
StomperNet, considering that his last course, “Conversation
Domination” was compared to SMARTS.

Some people would have thought we’d somehow be ENEMIES when it
came to teaching people Internet Marketing. But nothing could
be further from the truth. Howie IS what StomperNet is all
about – he learns by DOING this stuff EVERY DAY in his own
businesses, and he taught his students ONLY the stuff that

And that’s our philosophy too.

And though Howie’s had great success teaching people about the
newest Web 2.0 Social Strategies, the fact is, Howie’s been
around a while now. And more than any other marketer on the
scene today, we knew that Howie would be the MOST capable at
teaching our students how to get started the RIGHT way, and how
to do it FAST.

Once the dominoes are in place, all it takes is the
slightest touch to put all that preparation and hard work into
motion. And that motion represents an exponential growth, just
like the domino world record grand finale.

We want Stompers to experience a growth in resources, a growth in
traffic, a growth in profits, and most importantly, a growth in
personal freedom.

But it all needs to start with fundamentals, and setting up
those first few dominoes JUST RIGHT!

That’s what CORE is all about, and that’s what Howie has in
store for our members just as fast as we can put the videos on the
. I can’t WAIT – for the Stompers that have been
struggling and just haven’t been able to get traction – CORE is
here, and there just aren’t any excuses any more.

Go check out the first CORE video NOW! The best place to start is –
you guessed it, a brand new dedicated forum just for CORE.


And there you have it.

What you see before you today has been
the culmination of no less than six months of behind-the-scenes
wrangling and working – the faculty and staff all putting in
overtime to get this content to you with the speed and quality
you expect from us.

And now it’s ready, so gear up!

While the rest of America is crying as they drop huge checks in
the mail to the IRS, or they yell less-than- pleasant words at
their accountants for being late…

StomperNet members can kick back, relax, watch our new videos…
and rest
ASSURED that if you put this stuff to work in your business,
your 2009 tax bill will be even higher than this year’s…
because together, we’re going to push your profits OFF THE EDGE
and into unknown, wild territory. We have the map and the
tools our members need.

Let’s go blaze those trails and make some
history, huh?

On behalf of all the StomperNet Faculty and Staff who have
worked so hard to bring this wonderful, powerful new
material to our exclusive membership – we wish you a HAPPY Tax Day!
(And may you have many more!)

Keep Stomping,
~Andy Jenkins

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