How To Block Facebook Applications From Posting On Your Wall

Since the recent changes in Facebooks privacy settings they have inadvertently removed your ability to control how applications can post to your wall. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook then I suspect that your wall is probably starting to look like mine and getting overloaded with spam. There is a solution but it means manually blocking each offending application. This quick tutorial will show you how to get your wall back to the way it used to be so you can actually see things that are more relevant

Is Your Facebook Wall Becoming Cluttered With Spammy Apps?


You Have To Block Each Facebook Application Individually


Click on the link that takes you to the Facebook Application that made the post on your wall

You Need To Go To The Applications Profile Page


When you are asked to allow access to the Application DO NOT click on the “Allow” button. Instead click on the hyperlink for the actual application.
This will now take you to the applications main profile page

You Can Now Block The Facebook Application


Click Again On The “Block” Button To Confirm Your Choice


When you block the Application it will no longer be able to post on your Facebook wall. You now have to repeat this process for all the offending applications. Once this is done you will soon see that the amount of spam on your wall is greatly reduced.

Another Way To Block Applications

Another way to prevent applications from sending you invites it to block the application and to also ignore all further invitations from the person who sent them to you. To do this you need to go to your Requests found on the top right of your Facebook homepage

Go To Your Facebook Home Page


Select the “home” link when you are logged into Facebook. This should take you to your main Facebook home page. Your requests are located on the right hand side of the page

Select “Other Requests”


When you select “Other Requests” you can scroll down to the very bottom to see any unwanted application invites that you have received

You Can Now Block This Application


Select “Okay”


Just Click on the “Okay” button and the application will no longer be able to send you invitations or post to your wall

You Can Also Ignore All Invites From This Friend


If a particular person is sending you a lot of invitations for Facebook applications and you don’t want to remove them as a friend you can just choose to “Ignore All Invites From This Friend” the person will not know you have blocked them.

Privacy Settings

I hope that in the future Facebook will give a simpler one click option for managing how Applications can interact with your profile instead of having to do it in this more tedious way. I spent a while trying to discover if there was an easier way. I hope this blog post will helped to improve your overall Facebook experience so you can focus on what your real friends are actually doing.

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Facebook Applications?

For those people who mourned  having their  favourite applications relegated to the boxes tab when Facebook switched to the new design they can now access them even quicker regardless of where they are on the page because they are now built into the bottom  tool bar.

Facebook Shortcuts Are Back

Yesterday I noticed a new little box appear in the bottom left of my Facebook profile page and also that a few other things had be rearranged. Facebook’s design team must have been hard at work responding to the feedback from their users and thankfully they seemed to have listened.

My Prayers Were Answered

I wrote a long letter to Facebook pleading with them to bring this feature back and they seem to have answered my prayers. My own reasons were because without an easy way to get to functions that I use regularly I tended not to go there very much. I had stopped using a lot of my Facebook applications and no longer visited my group pages because it tool about 3 clicks and  2 scrolls  to get anywhere.

If You Can’t See It You Wont Use It

I had observed  a decline in group activity over the last 2 months  that had concerned me. Some of the best strategies for using   Facebook have involved  groups and they are one of the fastest and most effective ways to build a presence for yourself or your business on facebook.  Now I can have my groups button visible all the time.

Developers Are Still Suffering

For the thousands of Facebook developers who had their businesses wiped out overnight this might come as some consolation so long as users become educated about using this new function. They still suffer from the fact that they no longer get exposure on profile pages so the viral potentials are drastically restricted. How many will bother to update their old applications to conform to the new profile is still debatable. Inside Facebook writer Adam Lovallo wrote about some of these issues in a recent article about this   new bookmarking facilty

Welcome To The New Applications Menu

The applications menu is easy to configure just click on it and all the icons can be  dragged into the order you want them to show. Facebook have limited this to 6 options which is plenty for most users. Remember you can still place four other  applications on the left side of your profile page and also add applications  in their own dedicated tabs (not all applications support this function as third party developers need to redesign and resize their boxes)

Finding New Applications

You can find new applications by clicking on the edit all button, this will take you to a page where you can edit all  the permissions for your applications and if you click the browse more applications button you will be taken to another page where you find all the latest applications neatly divided into categories.