Rather than blow my own trumpet read what other people have to say about me

“Great teacher, can break down complex info into e-z bits”  Nancy Marmolejo PR And Visibility Coach www.VivaVisibility.com

“Ian has a gift of digesting information and re-assembling it in a way that’s easy to implement immediately so that the benefits are apparent straight away!” Sam Adkinswww.TheHomeopathicCoach.com

“You always share such great valuable info & tips. I’ve started using some of these FB tools on my own, but didn’t really understand totally how to utilize them to their full potential. I’ve been using friend lists, but love how you’ve explained it so clearly. I’m going to share this with my friends as you always provide such great value & it is truly appreciated!! Thanks so much Ian.” ~Debbie Zachary

“Thank you Ian for the Strategies Guide. Wow, it is power-packed with tips, techniques and more. You have a lively way of writing. I look forward to putting it to use, tip by tip”  Cathlene Bollin

“Ian Chapman is one of the absolute best contacts I’ve ever made on Facebook.  He has not only demonstrated great leadership on facebook, but he’s developed a keen insight about what works to attract tons of loyal raving fans through social networking.  Ian has meticulously studied the most prominent social networkers and he has correctly distilled the strategies of the experts into his Facebook guide.  I’ve personality benefited tremendously by following just a few of his recommendations and I would highly recommend his facebook guide to anyone who is serious about building a business from scratch using Facebook.”

Brian Campbell – Social Media Marketer http://www.thesocialmediasource.com

“Hi Ian, thanks for the book. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of respecting the relationships we have and the value of building new ones. Look forward to learning more from you” Mark Goldie

“Thanks for the constant supply of learning resources Ian. It is an invaluable education, This is rapidly moving me to a new level and redefining my business.” Paul Flood – Small Business Consultant

“Congratulations, this is rather good. My own thoughts and ideas have come to many of the same conclusions but here it is neatly presented in a easy to understand document.” Ricky Roy

“Just want to say thank you…. So much about growing a presence on Facebook  seemed to be a mystery before reading your book Much appreciated!  Mellisa Knecht (Phoenix AZ) http://www.RichMomRichDad.com

“IAN~ My man – you are a very very good writer. I don’t often give that kind of compliment out to bloggers – because most bloggers are so BORING. Not only am I impressed with the wordsmithing – but you really took the metaphor to the max.”

“You know, the hardest person in the world to write copy for is our own selves and you just knocked the ball out of the park!
I think I learned more about my own self – and particularly the impression you’ve drawn from my work than 2 years in therapy.”

“I’m trying to figure out how to blog about this post – and get my readers over here to see this masterpiece, Thanks and thanks and thanks!” Rick ButtsInternet Radio Show Host, Author, ProBlogger & Relentless Troublemaker  http://www.twitter.com/rickbutts