Who Am I and Why am I doing this And why I am not going to tell you to meditate for World Peace


Have you ever received one of those emails where you are asked to sit and meditate on a specific day at a certain time when everyone else around the globe will be doing the same. Many of you will have ignored these requests, some of you may have participated but all of you will have noticed that they never seem to get the results that they predict. The people who send out such requests are I am sure well intentioned, but clearly from my perspective they have only utilised one aspect of what I am going to teach, what I will term Viral energetics, but have failed to deliver the method to bring about their desired result, because of their ignorance of using synergistic energetics or synergetics for short. They may have had enough mass due to sheer numbers , but didn’t know what to do with it.


I like the story of the ship that had engine trouble and the ships engineers couldn’t find what the problem was, no matter how hard they tried. The captain became desperate as he had a whole ship of passengers who were not happy that the problem wasn’t being resolved so he called the company who had manufactured the engine and to his great relief they said they would send out their specialist to take a look at the engine and sure enough he was helicoptered onboard the ship and taken down to take a look at the engine room. The engines were running but were making terrible noises and steam was coming out of pipes all over the place. The specialist told everyone to be quiet, as he carefully listened to the engine, He then walked around all the pipes feeling them , He opened the oil filler cap and sniffed inside. He then stepped back and looked at the whole engine room , observing the pipes and pistons and the patterns of steam that was sputtering irregularly.


He then opened his black tool bag that he had been carrying and took out a small hammer. He slowly walked over to the engine and with one small tap he hit one of the pipes that was tangled in the maze of pipes and machinery . The engine sputtered once , made a hiccuup sound and then suddenly returned to Normal, all the irregularities and disturbances had vanished and the engines were back to operating how they were designed to. The specialist turned around, took an invoice pad out of his bag and proceeded to write out a bill for the job and handed it to the Captain. The Captain was shocked when he saw the total was for$10,000. He started to complain to the specialist that it was ridiculous to charge $10,000 just for making a tap with a hammer. “Ok “, said the specialist,” I see your point, I will make you an itemised bill”, he picked up the pad again and scribbled the new invoice and handed it to the captain, on it was written 3 line lines

For supplying and giving a Tap with Hammer $1

For Knowing where to Tap $9999

Total $10,000


I was always hoping to meet other people who had a similar training to myself but as yet no one has crossed my path. I am not going to specifically explain who I am or make any bold claims about what I have accomplished in the past, This will all come out over time as we all get to know each other better, but what I can say is I have spent the last 14 years specifically training for this moment in my life.


I used to be involved with a group of people who were all specialists, they had all chosen to give up their normal lives and come and live together in what can only be termed a laboratory experiment in human consciousness. As with all scientific explorations we had to keep repeating the experiments and refining our equations and hypotheses, and constantly redevelop our theories and models. We were exploring the mechanics of human potential in a group context. In order for this experiment to really be effective all the participants had to be both the scientists and the guinea pigs, it began in 1988 and continues to this day, I became involved in the summer of 1995.

5 years ago the main group disbanded and we all went our separate ways, we all had our own individual missions to fulfil and our own personal lives to bring back into balance and harmony after living so many years out on the edge and in each others pockets. I make no claims that we had solved all of life’s answers, or had created the perfect utopian society in our small community, but what I do claim is that we all became experts in group energy mechanics and how to apply this knowledge to large groups. We used to test what we had discovered at international gatherings and festivals. And in these large group situations we had the most life changing experiences when we acted as the catalyst and focal point for the collective energies of sometimes up to 3000 people. It was always done in the context that we could one day scale up these experiments and shift the consciousness of the Planet.

One thing quickly became apparent in our work, a deeper, more powerful force was guiding and supporting everything we did. We were living the laws of attraction long before it became the popular buzz word that it has become today, magic and miracles were a normal everyday part of our life.

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