Influencing Your Customers To Buy – Is It Manipulation, Or Just Good Business Sense?


The Psychological Principles Behind Order Customization This article will explore the underlying principles behind order customization, more commonly known as upselling and downselling. When a customer has agreed to buy something you have a much … [Continue reading]

If You Could Message 1 Million People What Would You Say?


One Million Followers On Twitter This week on Twitter Ashton Kutcher reached 1 million followers in a dramatic race to beat CNN to this milestone.  Oprah Winfrey also started tweeting and in her first day amassed over 200,000 followers. In … [Continue reading]

Facebook-Twitter Syndication – Are You Over Exposed And Getting Ignored?


Automating Your Status Are you one of those people who has migrated to twitter after being active on Facebook? If you are then there is a strong possibility that you have automated your Twitter account to update your Facebook profile. Before the … [Continue reading]

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog – 6 Tips To Get You Into The Fastlane!


Getting Rid Of The Dead Weight Is your blog taking ages to load, is it weighed down by too many plugins and widgets? If it is then maybe its time you gave your website a spring clean and got rid of some of the dead weight. Waiting … [Continue reading]

How To Add Facebook Connect To Your Blog


The Easy Way To Integrate The Viral Power Of Facebook Into Your Blog This blog post will show you how you can integrate the viral power of Facebook Connect  with your  wordpress blog without touching a single bit of code. Its done by using a neat … [Continue reading]

Facebook Pages Change The Face Of Business


The Facebook Bombshell Yesterday Facebook rolled out their new look Facebook pages; They've made business pages become  more like personal profiles allowing more  interactivity and are set to open a doorway for  businesses and brands to gain … [Continue reading]

How To Manage Your Personal Friends And Business Contacts On Facebook


If Your Facebook Friends Are In A Mess What Should You Do? Two weeks ago  top Internet Marketer Ed Dale decided to Boot all of his Facebook friends by deleting his Facebook account and starting again from scratch. He raised the question in many … [Continue reading]

Bad Customer Service


Do You Actually Like Your Customers? This is a blog post I wrote while traveling in southern India and describes a real situation I encountered in an internet cafe,   it comes in two parts and luckily finishes with a happy ending A Heated … [Continue reading]

Facebook Spam – The Human Face Behind The Menace


Raising The Bar Spamming seems to becoming a hot topic again. Not the type of Spam you get in your inbox asking you to buy Viagra or letters from an African Lawyer who wants you to share the inheritance of a milionare client. What I want to … [Continue reading]

Social Traffic – An Honest Review From A Raving Fan

conversation marketing

The Conversation Has Already Started This article is my personal  review of Simon U Ford's new book Social Traffic - Event Marketing In A New Media Scape which is  launched later this week. I was one of the first people to get to read the … [Continue reading]

Its Time For Collective Action – Web 3.0 Is Transforming Our Planet

If you are reading this post on Facebook  and would like to watch the video please visit my blog Clay Shirky - Here Comes Everybody [youtube][/youtube] Group … [Continue reading]

Facebook Groups – 10 Steps To Make Your Facebook Group Go Viral


Are You A Lion Or A Sheep? A Facebook group needs strong leadership and clear direction if you want it to succeed. If you act like a sheep, the herd might follow you for a moment  and then lose interest or move in a different  … [Continue reading]